What are we listening to [2019]


Album: Mysliveček: Complete Music for Keyboard
Artist: Clare Hammond, Svenska Kammarorksetern, Nicholas McGegan
Label: BIS
Release: 2019


(Chris ) #2415

Lucky me gets to enjoy this bootleg…


During 2018, Norah Jones concentrated her creative endeavors on a series of digital singles that found the singer/songwriter stretching herself stylistically. Usually, she pushed herself by teaming with new, unexpected collaborators, including Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy – a tactic that guaranteed a variety of sounds and songs, a practice put into sharp relief by the 2019 release of Begin Again. This brief LP collects the seven songs recorded for this project – all but one released beforehand – and while they’re a disparate batch, they nevertheless cohere thanks to their elegant, elastic experimentation. Jones plays with presentation more than form – arrangements run from the spooky austerity of “A Song with No Name” to “Uh Oh,” an effervescent number that’s deceptively dense – but that’s enough to give Begin Again an elusive charm. Every track seems to hint at a grander version than what was delivered, but the loose ends and modest scale are alluring, since they appear to offer an insight into how this fiercely imaginative, quietly fearless singer/songwriter challenges herself. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

(Andrew Cox) #2417

Awful album cover choice Roon, the genres are snafu and the remaster has some analog artefacts but boy, what a voice.



(Paul Bolam) #2419


Bought this album on its release in 1978 and haven’t heard it since I sold all my vinyl in the late '80s.
Just got the CD and kicking myself for not buying it earlier!


Brilliant punk rock chamber music.




2019 SACD release by MOFI


In a classical mood, one my dad really liked so takes me back a bit.



(Dick Vliek) #2426

Ah my favourite… well until Push the sky away


Yeah, that’s another one I dusted off the past few days :slight_smile: Just like “The Boatman’s Call”.


Not sounding too shabby. You have to admit Hannet new what he was doing in the first place, although a complete t****r


Oh that’s such a brilliant album! Another remaster though? It’s been remastered in 2016 if I’m correct?


I missed that one, this one has all the 12" singles as well as other bonus stuff on 2nd cd plus vinyl box set.

edit. 2015 versions seems to be hires master and MQA.


Classic Scotch indie pop.




From one bunch of Scots to another, an altogether classier act though.