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A rare and fabulous tête-à-tête between the accordion and its maestro
Richard Galliano is the uncontested master of jazz accordion worldwide. The inventor of “new musette” – a mix between jazz and popular music – has been feeding off French chanson and musette, American blues music, and Brazilian forro. In May 2018, the accordionist played three concerts in Tokyo, alone on stage with his precious Victoria, the accordion that was gifted to him by his grandmother on his fourteenth birthday, upon the advice of his father.


Justly famous for his gorgeous compositions and arrangements for a long list of singers including Natalie Cole, Diana Krall and Paul McCartney, Alan Broadbent is also a pianist’s pianist: possessed of fierce technique; exquisitely emotional, when the moment calls for it; and as hard-swinging as they come.

Throughout these performances - recorded for all intents and purposes “live” in his private recording studio, unrestricted by the confines of time - there is a remarkable polish and sense of order while maintaining the unmistakable sound of the classic piano trios, live and off-the-cuff. With his long-time associates Harvie S and Billy Mintz on hand it is little surprise that their almost telepathic communication gives the entire session an extremely wide emotional range encompassing, graceful delicacy, earthiness, soulfulness and just a little hint of the blues.


Capturing a rare performance of one of the world’s most acclaimed pianists as a chamber musician, this live album is a new gem in DG’s vast catalogue.

The rehearsal and preparation process for the recording created space for a true meeting of minds, allowing Kissin and the Emersons to preserve their individual characteristics while revealing qualities unique to their collaboration. Ideas tested in the rehearsal room were subsequently forged in the heat of performance, unleashing elemental shifts between Classical heroism and Romantic introspection, and drawing out points of dramatic tension and release. Everything flowed, nothing became fixed as Kissin and the Emersons moved from one concert to the next. Last year’s performances “were the highlights of [their] season,” notes ESQ’s Eugene Drucker.

All of the musicians worked enthusiastically together to achieve a synthesis of views, from which emerged their dynamic interpretations of Mozart’s Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor K 478, Fauré’s Piano Quartet No. 1 in C minor op. 15 and Dvořák’s Piano Quintet No. 2 in A Major op. 81. Their choice of repertoire also comprised two encore pieces, including the Scherzo from Shostakovich’s Piano Quintet in G minor op. 57.

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A new Album from Sean Taylor released today and on Tidal

Sean is a great artist to enjoy live, a real troubadour…

We are lucky enough to have hosted him a good few times and will always make the effort to see him.


^^^ fair to say on dissolution of Civil Wars the loss is his.


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Danni Nicholls great new album The Melted Morning was released today.

They work so well live too…

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wauwwwww… what a great tip… love it… :slight_smile:

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