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Can’t believe the gurus at Rovi classify Mirrors as heavy metal :laughing:

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I certainly wouldn’t classify it that way. Looks like most of BOC gets that designator. Rock sure, but Heavy Metal??? The metadata input is only as good as the classifier. At least they credited with them as “thinking man’s heavy metal,” and not brainless…:grinning:

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Ripped MQA CD!

Authenticated as MQA Studio 88.2 kHz by Roon

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Well that was fun, a friend came over with his latest music project to listen on my system prior to deciding if this will be the final release mix (It will be)
He had been disappointed with the sound via a REGA system but on my Meridian DSP 5200SE’s He was blown away. All the textures were there, the bass was perfect etc. He loved it and couldn’t believe it.
It will be awkward getting Roy from REGA to hear it here as he is a committed analog man :joy:

The music is a 24 min piece initially titled ‘Are we there yet”? It’s sound scapes really with a homage to Mike Oldfield and Jethro Tull and a great ride to listen to.

It’s great to have a composer and musician playing his music on your system and can find no fault.
When it’s properly released I’ll share a link.

Maybe this post should be in the lounge…

I found a link in Soundcloud

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Yeah but it’s tricky.
My son plays double bass and sometimes needs amplification and we were wondering if a hifi system does a better job than a regular black box. So he brought his gear over (How do you get a bass into a Mini Cooper? Like those jokes about elephants…).

With my Meridian DSP8000SE rig, I thought it sounded great. But he couldn’t play, because the DSP processing introduced a significant lag.

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We saw these on Sunday and they were amazing, not my first choice genre Scottish Celtic Folk But this is a great album especially when you know they can do it live.

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