What are we listening to [2019]

(Paul Bolam) #766


(Paul Bolam) #767






(New Haven, CT USA) #770

(Jared) #771

(Sean) #772

Hilarious :grin:

(Dick Vliek) #773

(Tony) #774

Stand out track, 15. Sexy Mama.


(Tony) #775



(Anders Vinberg) #776

Loading up my phone for a 20 hour flight and a week off the grid, local downloads in Qobuz, and I’m going through old favorites in Roon to refresh memories. Recently heard Mark Turner live (with Ethan Iverson), reminded me of this great album (although it’s not available on Qobuz, dang it!).

(Rene Bouwmeester) #777

(Andrew Cox) #778

(Paul Bolam) #779


(Mikael Ollars) #780

A strange resemblance here… :slight_smile:

(Anders Vinberg) #781

When I lived in Europe, I would look at the U.S. envious for things they had. Now I live in the U.S. and look to Europe, similarly envious.

Calm, calm, Anders. Just a matter of time. You can preload your brain with Lathe of Heaven, should hold you for a couple of weeks.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #782

Has ECM not yet landed on US Qobuz?

(Anders Vinberg) #783

Btw, this capture illustrates my point about black regions.
That looks like a streamer, with an album cover display, a power-on LED, and little round feet.

(Anders Vinberg) #784

But the library is incomplete, apparently they are working on it.
Don’t know why they need to adapt, probably licensing.

I was downloading Qobuz stuff for offline play on my phone, two out of all the Nik Bärtsch albums were not licensed for download. The lawyers need shoes for their children.


This album OK in France with Qobuz / Roon in 24/88