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Listening to some Chopin atm:

I’ve just been noticing how he uses the damper pedal to create a “shock” of silence. It’s a technique similarly used in modern electronic music when a vinyl noise track is paused.

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Ah. The sounds of silence. " The real music is the silence and all the notes are only framing this silence." ~ Miles Davis.

I guess we all have favorite silences in music. Listen here at 5.49 when Barber turns the screws for an almost unbearable 6 seconds of silence



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Wow really liked this recently discovered (this morning) gem.


This was a landmark album for me in college - really shaped my sense of musical aesthetic at the time and set the bar lyrically, melodically, and rhythmically. The problematic category ‘Americana’ hadn’t been invented yet - I just thought it was fantastic - Cooder, Keltner, & Lowe locked in behind Hiatt.

It just occurred to me to look up the producer of that album. John Chelew… Never heard of him. He has no credits in Roon ;^)

I found this fascinating article though. This album could have easily never happened! For example, quoting from the story:

“Lowe agreed to participate on only a day’s notice. He flew in from England, rented a bass on the way from the airport”

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@joel wonder what you think of this…

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I don’t think any album makes me tingle and feel so moved as much as this one. Thanks Sufjan it’s albums like this that keeps my faith in the music business.

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Highly recommended!


A great listen…



Jeremy Pelt has become one of the preeminent young trumpeters within the world of jazz. Forging a bond with the Mingus Big Band very early on, as his career progressed, Pelt built upon these relationships and many others which eventually lead to collaborations with some of the genre’s greatest masters. Pelt’s recordings and performances have earned him critical acclaim, both nationally and internationally. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal by legendary jazz writer and producer, Nat Hentoff, and was voted Rising Star on the trumpet, five years in a row by Downbeat Magazine and the Jazz Journalist Association.

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Great insight thanks this is a recent discovery for me though looking at the cover I’ve always been aware of it ! Enjoying it for sure - my normal tastes tend to be more hard rock but of course Roon encourages extensive exploration …
The article is not available to view for me in the :uk: unfortunately

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