What are we listening to [2019]

(Wim) #887

(simon arnold) #888

Is this any good some of the reviews have been scathing.

(Dick Vliek) #889

Ah I ignore reviews mostly, I know better!
I like this record, it falls into the category ‘like it on Qobuz, but do not buy it’. There are some great female voices on the album.

(simon arnold) #890

I get you but some I pay more attention to. The Hope Sandoval one I am listening to right now. Like it, but I am biased as she is one of my favourite female vocalists. Doesn’t sound very Rev though.

(Dick Vliek) #891

True, Sandoval was the reason I tried this album also. I was never a great Rev fan.

(simon arnold) #892

I definitely started planted seed with Mazzy Star :slight_smile:

(Dick Vliek) #893

Yes you did! The greatest find for this week is:

(simon arnold) #894

Will give it a go.

(New Haven, CT USA) #895


(simon arnold) #896

(simon arnold) #897



(simon arnold) #899

(John ) #900

(Sean) #901

Love this.



(Robert ) #903


(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #904

(Robert ) #905


(Andrew Cox) #906

When too much Scientists is barely enough. On Qobuz.