What are we listening to [2019]

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The lady you can see with guitar in my profile pic is Janet Robin and she was a student of Randy Rhodes. She plays at tribute gigs for his family.
An amazing player who we have hosted many times. Always fun…

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Until you pointed it out I always thought your icon was two guitars in stands a blue one and a white one.
(Never expanded the picture before obviously)

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I always wondered who that was. Then she had quite the guitar teacher.

I still remember the day I heard Randy had died. I was standing in my favorite record store browsing through the new releases when I a friend told me. The fist thing I expierenced was an incredible anger. The recording of this live album was done by a radio station. My friends and me had a tape of it since 1982. When the album was released in 1987 I bought it on cd. It was the first cd I bought. Thanks for the info Chris. :+1:t2:


Album: Reicha: Quatuors à cordes (String Quartets)
Artist: Quatuor Ardeo
Label: L’empreinte digitale
Release: 2014


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She tours a lot solo and with a group String Revolution. You should catch her and talk about Randy.


I still can’t believe I took that picture whilst filming the show.

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Those of us who are of a certain age may well do a double-take at the album cover…


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I feel my nose a’ twitching.


Love, love, love the list. Thank you all for sharing! Here’s something I’ve practically had on repeat since it came out…

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I still have the original vinyl from those two. Their first two albums were good, in fact, almost proggy at times. Especially their 2nd album “Somewhere…” which was produced by Alan Parsons and arranged by Powell (who also arranged early APP albums like Mystery and imagination)

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The only disc I have is Anthology, but Tidal opens up their catalog to me. Both albums were great listens on my headphone rig.

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I just got this album today on CD (freshly ripped!) but have admired the opening track of this game for a long time. It’s been my ring tone for years, great to finally have it in excellent quality!

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Album: Czerny: Violin Sonatas
Artist: Kolja Lessing
Label: cpo
Release: 2019


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Album: Piano Circle Songs
Artist: Francesco Tristano
Label: Sony Classical
Release: 2017


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