What are we listening to [2019]

(Ged) #1831

(Ged) #1832


Finally something we’ve got in common Ged, love that record! :smiley:

(New Haven, CT, USA) #1834


Album: Shorebound
Artist: Ben Glover
Label: Proper Records
Release: 2018


(New Haven, CT, USA) #1836

(Chris ) #1837

(Chris ) #1838

Great, we had Ben Glover and Colm McClain play for us a while back. This is a song he wrote with Gretchen Peters.


Came across him while shopping for the “Arrows” EP by Angel Snow. :slight_smile:

(New Haven, CT, USA) #1840


Album: To Believe
Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra
Label: Ninja Tune
Release: 2019


(New Haven, CT, USA) #1842


Relaxing Sunday evening listening.

(New Haven, CT, USA) #1844


Great new music, awesome to have something new to make my vintage Klipsch KLF-20s lay waste…



Still a great listen after all these years. A masterpiece.

(Philip Stillman) #1847

Having seen her play with Ravi with Zakir Hussain on tablas, it was pretty incredible and impressive. Of course, Ravi was pretty much the master of the sitar, but Anoushka was pretty darn good. The two together with Zakir was transcendent!

(Gerald Richardson) #1848

When she teams with her sister Norah Jones, we see how much talent Ravi bequeathed.

(Dick Vliek) #1849