What are we listening to [2019]

(Gerald Richardson) #1911


(New Haven, CT, USA) #1912

(New Haven, CT, USA) #1913


Album: A J E
Artist: Ambient Jazz Ensemble
Label: Here & Now Recordings
Release: 2017


(Derek Wyman) #1915

(Derek Wyman) #1916

(Sean) #1917

I had to rub my eyes and blink again to make sure I read this right.

Santana and Concha Buika… :exploding_head:

Not sure how I missed this release earlier in the week.



“Avec Le Temps” is the new exciting Giovanni Guidi’s project: the band has recorded an album for ECM that will be released on March 2019 and it is composed by the most talented italian musicians: Francesco Bearzatti on tenor sax/clarinet (the most important italian sax player of the new generation), Roberto Cecchetto on guitar (during his intense career he met on his path great musicians as Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Richard Galliano and many others), Thomas Morgan on bass (he recently recorded a beautiful duo album with Bill Frisell) and Joao Lobo on drums (Giovanni Guidi long time collaborator). All the band members share the same idea: making music with an immediate impact, focusing on lyrical and melodic aspects not leaving aside the chance to take a journey to new and unknown territories.

(Ian) #1919

Underworld and The Necks “Appleshine Continuum”

(Peter) #1920

(Sean) #1921

New album release by my favourite Jazz artist.


(Paul Bolam) #1922


(Sean) #1923

Ha, didn’t realise you posted the same 9 mins before me @dunga

Great listen ay?

(Peter) #1924

(Chris ) #1925

Not via Roon, but I just picked up a copy of David Gilmour Live at the Royal Albert Hall on DVD in a charity shop.
It does sound amazing and it’s great to see the pros have similar troubles to me filming shows in low light spot lit areas. Being as they have so much more money to spend I’ll stop being so hard on myself.
A great watch listen if your into it.

(Peter) #1926

(Dick Vliek) #1927

(Tony) #1928


(Dick Vliek) #1929

(David Weinberg) #1930

Just sampled a few tracks. Really nice. Thanks for the find!