What are we listening to - Topic Per Month Request

Would it be a good idea to set this topic up per month?
There are some exceptional suggestions over here, but sometimes at a rate that is quite challenging to explore them all.
There are now already more than 700 suggestions in the month of January.
I would appreciate to start a new list beginning of next month. Far less scrolling around, and once explored a month completely, you do not need to revisit.
Looking forward to your opinions.

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Hi @Dick_Vliek, there’d still be the same number of unread posts, just in many many topics…
I see little advantage.

When you’re done with a month you’re done with it instead of having to navigate a perpetual never ending list.

Uhh this is not for me I guess!

It has nothing to do with reading the posts, it is about finding them back.
If there are e.g. 30 suggestions in 1 week that I feel I would like to take a listen to, there are probably 20 more before I am done with the first 30.
And I do not know how to tag these posts as to be explored, added to library, not interested in, …
I.e I have to go through the list again, based on date of the latest post I was interested in.
In fact, these is the user way of ‘Roon Recommended For You’ .

Seems like a very good idea. Start a thread tomorrow titled “What are we listening to - February 2020” and see what happens.


I’m not totally against this … I just struggle to see any real benefit, esp. as there is a scrollbar (with dates) that can be used for fast navigation.

I also foresee that users will soon forget to create / maintain a new topic each month. In which case it would just default back to how it is now a long topic but only needs TLC once a year.

Why not setup a poll and canvas user opinion … at present there are only 5 voices expressing an opinion … that to me at least indicates that most are indifferent.

You’re points are well taken and I suppose that the scrollbar can be quite useful. You did forget to mention that if you skip checking on the thread for a few days, the thread does open at your last unread post, which is also very useful.

Okay I’m convinced, no need for a separate monthly thread. :smile:

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You can close this topic. As you said yourself, there’s not that much interest in this topic anyway.
I will find my own workaround, as unfortunately, I have to do more and more with Roon these days.

You could bookmark the individual posts that are of interest and get back to them that way. It’s what I’ve taken to doing

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The method that has been working well for me it to do a screen grab on whatever iDevice I am using, the screen grabs all sync to my photo library. Then I drop them into a folder and go through them at my leisure.

It’s the easiest method I could come up with. It does mean I end up with a lot of screen grabs in my photo feed but that doesn’t really worry me.

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