What are you drinking now? [Pair with music for double points]



Green tea (Miyazaki, Japan).

(Paul) #43

Tried a couple of shots when I came off Nevis a few months ago, WONDERFUL :heart:

(Ludwig van Marbach) #44

Thanks to @mike for the tip.

Drinking with music by Betsy Jolas.

(As you can see my wife and daughter have been busy.)

(Robert ) #45

Blanton’s is awesome stuff :grinning::sunglasses:. Great finish.

(John B) #46

Well Lent is over…

Having a nice pint of Leann Follain with some chocolate listening to




Just having a double shot of Scotch while listening to Ella Fitzgerald…

Bowmore (Islay) 18 years, 43%.


(Peter Hafkamp) #48

Whiskey tasting in Kempen Germany yesterday evening.
Mortlach 18 years old cask strenght
Glenlossie 1997 20yo cask strength
Ben Nevis 1996 20yo cask strength
Glen Scotia 24 years old cask strength
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC8 Ar Duthchas cask strenth (60,5%)



Hi Peter,
YUMMY! Which of them did you like best? :grinning:


Assam Mokalbari (with a wee bit of milk and sugar) for breakfast.

Just listening to some Brahms…

(Peter Hafkamp) #51

The Mortlach and the Port Charlotte.

(Paul) #52

John Surman’s Saltash Bells with…

SWEET (literally)

(Daniel Beyer) #53

Well, to celebrate an anniversary today:


Midleton Very Rare 1999



Hi Paul

This was the exact Rum that drew me into Rum land :+1:
Some 15 years ago

(Paul) #56

Hi Chris, with family in the W.Indies & frequent visits, I have turned in into a rum lover, collector & drinker. The 12yo is still my favourite after 30 years, that said it’s still fun looking for a better one :crazy_face:


Hi Paul

When I got that Rum I turned up my nose at the Rum:
“Oh, Rum.:roll_eyes:
But that bottle didn’t last two weeks and I was hooked.
My longtime favorite is the 23 yo Zacapa from Guatemala. The 26 yo Zacapa is a little nicer but a lot more expensive. For easy drinking and most bang for the buck I like the Diplomatico Riserva from Venezuela.
What are your favorite Rums?

(Robert ) #58

+1 on Ron Zacapa…outstanding stuff

(Egbert) #59

Methusalem, Zapata 23 sistema solera, Diplomatico

(bearFNF) #60

Blue Monday performed by Health off the Atomic Blonde OST

and yes…the bottle is now empty…but never fear the big bottle is waiting to be opened.


Just googled Johnny Walker Blue Label… Ouch :astonished:


But I could swear the Zacapa 23 years changed over time (not for the better).
Don’t get me wrong, it is IMHO still a excellent Rum, but (for me subjectively) not as outstanding as it used to be.

My new favorite “affordable” Rum is the Centenario 25 years gran reserva.