What are you drinking now? [Pair with music for double points]


Visited the Peak brewery today…great blonde

(Egbert) #64

marvelous how they manage to make red, black, gold, and blue label and have a consistent ‘tastes like Johnny Walker’ experience.

(George Carlson) #65


(Paul) #66

I’ll post more of my “indulgences” soon :wink:

(bearFNF) #67

Not quite as smooth as the Blue but still good.

(Paul) #68

An early evening starter :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dennis Waugh) #69

Wife’s at bingo. :sob: :grinning:

(Masahiro Takahashi) #70

I love it!

(Paul) #71

Mount Gay Blended 30 YO Barbados Rum (Old Cask Selection) & Theo Travis/Robert Fripp


How bad is the damage for a bottle of that Baby, if I may ask?
Just a ballpark figure…

(Ludwig van Marbach) #73

I had no idea Rum was for anything but Bacardi and Coke.

(Paul) #74

If I remember correctly, it was a little over £90 (in Barbados) but it now gets imported to the uk for around the same price. Well worth a try if you’ve a few spare £’s. There are, IMHO, nicer rums out there for less…Angostura 7yo, 1824 (12yo) spring to mind…:crazy_face:

(Paul) #75

…that’s also what I thought until a few years ago :thinking:


same here :wink:


Thanks for the hints. I will try to source those and give them a Chance :+1: :sunglasses:

(Dick Vliek) #78


(Paul) #79

There’s something missing from your post?
-1 point :grin:

(Dick Vliek) #80

Haha. Drinking a Paulaner beer right now, i’m a beer only guy.


No water, coffee, tea, juice…? :joy:

(Ludwig van Marbach) #82

Nice beer, they have loads in my local supermarket.

You know what they say. “Save water, drink beer.”