What are you drinking now? [Pair with music for double points]

(Andrew Cox) #164

A 2012 Massif Shiraz from the Grampians. It’s as big as a mountain and delicious.

Listening to Thimar by Anouar Brahem.


You really need to post a screenshot of Brahem’s album to deserve double points :wink:

(Andrew Cox) #166

Dang, missed by that much !. Imgur hasn’t been working for me for a while so I’m going to have to use this:


It’s on Tidal.


A bit late, @andybob, so just one point – but a stiff one nevertheless! :wink:

(Andrew Cox) #168

Ha ! Just saw your album from upthread. Nice coincidence. I don’t think your drink is going to catch on though, isn’t that what fish … you know… in ?

(Mike O'Neill) #169

Need to photo the pinnie , I hope it’s a secret pressy …

“I am on a gin diet —- I have lost 2 days already”

(Ralph Pantuso) #170


(Dave) #171


(Ralph Pantuso) #172

Very nice combination. How do you drink the gin? Straight up, on the rocks, martini, G&T or other?

Not that it matters since they go with Getz.

(Dave) #173

With Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and a little fresh coriander.

(Ralph Pantuso) #174

I will have to show this to my wife who loves G&Ts - the coriander would appeal to her.





Roon Radio paired with …

(Ralph Pantuso) #178


I know it’s a bit corny but what did you expect? :grin:

(Martin Webster) #179

Shine on You Crazy Diamond with a glass of Laphroaig. Cheers!

(Mr Fix It ) #180

I think that gets double points :smile: :smile:




(Martin Webster) #183

Dalmore 15 year and No Shape by Perfume Genius on vinyl … both a gift to my son.