What audio settings are initiated when you select your device in Roon setup/device setup/find your device?

I have just tried three streaming devices - Nucleus, OPPO 205 and Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical. My system uses the Kii Three with Kii Control. I discovered by accident that I needed to activate the Kii Control device within Roon - Setup/Audio/Device Setup/Find your Device/confirm. Bam!.. There is was …the Kii logo. I had to select the logo then confirm it again by selecting the Kii Control on the next window. Once I did this the sound quality increase substantially in all three situations using the above streamers one at a time in an A/B/C comparison.

Previously I was just naming the “endpoint” which showed up on the bottom right of Roon but when I actually went into the setup menu and selected and confirmed the logo it totally improved the SQ.

My question is…besides the artwork what does Roon do in the audio settings to achieve the improved sound? I also noticed when I select my signal path it is shorter and all small purple lights.


This gives some ideas

OK, I read the kb and have a better understanding of what is happening.

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