What can go wrong when choosing a Roon Core setup?

Hello to all,

I would like to add the option of a digital source to my system and I am thinking of setting up something like that:

  • Mac mini (2.6GHz Core i5 8GB RAM 256GB Flash SSD Iris 5100 Late 2014) as Roon Core
  • Mac mini will be connected via USB to my Pro-Ject Box DS2 DAC
  • I will use my iPad Pro as Roon remote

Do I need anything else for the above setup to work? Am I missing anything with regards to final audio quality? Will the above set up give me the best possible audio quality output (I will be mainly using TIDAL to stream music) or I am missing something?

I am new to all this, and I am really a bit confused after doing some reading about setting up a music server like that. It seems that many small things can go wrong and affect the final output, so I could really use some help and your experience before moving forward with any purchases!

Thanks in advance, for anyone with answers, suggestions and opinions

Some may disagree but in the context of what you have that should supply a very agreeable system. I have a Mac mini into a Devialet and it has never failed to make a great sound. Just be aware that if you venture into using Wi-fi then a stable system is needed. I use a mesh system to great effect with chord moly/mojo around the house.

As stated above, unless you have a very good WiFi setup into a modern endpoint, try to make sure your Mac Mini is hard wired into the LAN. Apart from that it should work OK and give you a solid platform on which to evaluate Roon.