What can I connect to LS50w first gen via Wi-Fi and use Roon to control volume?

I connected a raspberry pi streamer to the kefs. Turns out it only works if I have the volume set on fixed. I really want to use Roon to control the volume. Am I out of luck? Would I be able to control the volume with my phone if I connected a node 2i? Also, Roon is connecting to the pi via air stream. Any ideas on how to change that? Thanks gang. I’m learning the hard way that streaming music is difficult!

I stream Tidal directly to mine from iPhone via Bluetooth

Volume works fine

Have you tried just using the KEF as an endpoint? You can control the volume doing it that way. KEF need to be in WIFi mode connected to the same network Roon is on and the zone needs to be enabled. I also have an ethernet connected to the KEF for stability (not just relying on the WiFi signal).

I use Kef LS50W with an RPi with RoPieee, and there is a way to use DSP volume but I have never tried it.

yeah, I used the KEF that way for some time, but the wi-fi connection just goes out sometimes or causes the music to stutter or other problems. I thought i could hook up a pi streamer to fix that. I don’t have ethernet in that room as an option, unfortunately. I figured out how to add the roon bridge plugin so now it’s not just airplay.