What counts as Same Composition

I am curious as to how particular tracks are grouped into a composition. In particular, my collection has 6 tracks of the Arlen/Koehler tune Stormy Weather (actually that’s fewer than I would have guessed). 5 of them are regarded as the composition Stormy Weather; the other is regarded as a different composition, but also one that is called Stormy Weather. The oddball track did not have composers listed, but when I added them roon still lists it as a separate composition. There is a difference that I would hope doesn’t actually make a difference. For the five, the composer listing is Ted Koehler, Harold Arlen; for the oddball the composer listing is Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler (because I entered them in that order). Is that enough to cause roon to regard them as different compositions? Do I need to change the order or is there some other way to merge the oddball with the others?

I don’t know why Roon won’t do the job, but, yes, you can do it yourself…
Compositions browser, filter on track title (use the little funnel to right of Compositions), select your tracks (right click or long press), and merge.