What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model (and price if you feel like adding it) [2016 - 2021-03]

HTPC on Devialet Expert 200 connected by Audioquest Coffee USB Cable

MSB Select 2 with renderer and Quad USB inputs

Twisted Pear Audio Buffalo II DAC…

Old configuration:
MacMini - > WaveIO USB Async -> I2S -> Buffalo II -> Legato -> Millennium XP Amp ->

Now running:
-> Raspberry Pi -> HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro -> I2S -> Buffalo II -> Legato -> Millennium XP Amp ->

Msb analog dac quad usb

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Lampizator Big 7 DAC. I feed it from a fanless, silent PC I assembled with a Streacom case.

I’ve yet to figure out HQplayer - am keen to be able to output Tidal in DSD to my Lampiator DSD DAC.

Audio Alchemy DDP-1 via shunyata venom usb

DAC : Devialet 120
NAS> MacBookAir (RoonServer) > Dev 120 (All ETH wired)
Roon Remote - iPad mini 4

USB from MacBookAir to Devialet -OR- Devialet AIR3 Protocol
For now Prefer AIR3 works like Charm

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Server: NUC i7 with 2,5" Harddisk for the music (weekly backup on NAS via network) connect via USB with
DAC: T+A PDP 3000 HV includes to DAC (1x PCM, 1 x DSD) connect via XLR with
Amplifier: T+A PA 3000 HV
Speakers: Gauder Cassiano Diamond

Works pretty good and sounds incredible …

How, exactly are you using an Oppo 105D as a DAC using the HDMI input? What kind of endpoint are you using that has HDMI out? Maybe I’ve misunderstood what you’re doing, so I’d like to know how you’ve configured things. The 105D is amazing and I’d love to use it with Roon, but I can’t get it to work in my system.

Very simple set-up. I have a Mac Mini, and use the hdmi output direct to the Oppo 105D. It’s used for a variety of video as well as for Roon.

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Ah. I’ve never thought of connecting my Mini to the 105D. Both go into an input on my receiver now. I assume that you have to select HDMI as your audio output device in system preferences? And if you connect it that way, does the 105D just show up as an output device? And what formats do you get? DSD?

Yes I select HDMI as the output of the Mini, and the Oppo in Roon. I then effectively use the Oppo as the receiver as there are only three inputs in my set-up (ie the Oppo DVD, the TV via the front HDMI and the Mac Mini via the rear HDMI). Then the Oppo provides analog outputs to the receiver as I prefer its volume control. The set-up will work with the Oppo direct to the amplifiers if the volume control is set to variable.

I have an iMac running Roon Core, and a Win 10 PC client. Waiting for my sonicTransporter to arrive.

PS Audio PWD II (direct USB from iMac, coax from Squeezebox)
Chord Mojo (iMac USB)
Oppo HA-1 (Toslink from iMac, USB from PC)

I use Resonessence Labs INVICTA Mirus. It works very well with Roon Bridge via USB on Windows Server 2012 R2 with ASIO driver

DAC/Pre: Cambridge Audio Azur 851D
Wireworld Starlight USB cable
Audioquest Jitterbug x2
Power Amps: Hypex Ncore NC400 Mono Blocs
Speakers: GoldenEar Triton Seven
Dirac Live (stereo)

Current setup (5 rooms):

Slimdevices/Logitech Transporter (S/PDIF on BNCs) -> TacT RCS -> TacT digital amps
Slimdevices/Logitech Transporter (S/PDIF on BNCs) -> Schiit Gungnir Multibit
Slimdevices/Logitech Transporter (S/PDIF on BNCs) -> Schiit Gungnir Multibit
Slimdevices/Logitech Transporter (S/PDIF) -> Meridian 861v8
Squeezebox Touch (S/PDIF) -> Wadia PowerDAC Mini digital amp

Migrating toward Roon-native zone players (so far one Sonicorbiter SE in house, microRendu ordered, one zone is usefully close to a Mac running Roon) via USB instead of faithful Transporters. The TacT gear has no USB audio input, so I’m thinking that’ll be fed from one of the Sonore gizmos via an Audiophilleo USB-S/PDIF gizmo.

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Wow, you went to town buying Transporters. Sad to see them being used only as, well…transports. They’re still pretty good sounding vs many more recent DACs.

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Roon on MacBookPro connected via USB to music on separate hard drive, Sonic Orbiter (first generation, cannot be certified as RoonReady) accessed via BitWise used for 3 zones in house) connected via USB to PS Audio DirectStream DAC.

MacBook is in my office, stereo (if that’s the term) rig in another room. So there’s no noise issue. I am debating whether there’s any advantage to getting Roon off my computer and onto the Sonic Transporter.