What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model (and price if you feel like adding it) [2016 - 2021-03]


Do you use this on top of pc or Mac?
I’ve used pc for long time and now eager to move to Mac .
I installed the Weiss firewire io driver.
But when playing from roon, getting:
Source 24/96 -> roon transport -> OS Mixer and not the Weiss firewire io driver.
Do I need to add asio or configure in specific way in order to get the firewire io driver to be last chain in roon playback? I have this working on pc . Cannot understand how to do in Mac . I’m newbie to Mac , but with large os experience- any advise is more than welcomed.


Your next move should be to turn your Gungnir into a Gumby…your ears won’t believe the difference…IMO!!

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I use a MAC Mini as well…love the form factor and it’s incredible performance…using MAC’s usually means not having to use any drivers as the MAC usually recognizes the interface you are using straight away. I use a Hydra Z DDC between my MAC Mini and my DAC. I did have to change the MIDI settings to get the MAC to play nice with the DDC…you might also look there…

Hi Lior, I use a Weiss DAC2 with a Windows PC. I am also having problems with Roon in terms of the interface with the DAC.

Depending on the driver used (ASIO or WASAPI), I get various problems with Roon losing control of the device with playback stopping, playback skipping badly, or a combination of these issues. I have not had any feedback from the Roon team about this and I am still unable to listen to music uninterrupted (which is quite annoying since I paid $500 for the software!).

With the problem you mention, is this with a MAC or PC?

Problems with the Weiss DAC drives are best discussed here:

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@Larry_Megugorac-thanks for the reply since i wrote that i have gone back to using my Gungnir and have to agree it improves everything even listening to MQA ‘masters’ from ROON(but i can’t use it in my car or on a plane like i can with AQDF/RED)-that said trying to convince my CFO who monitors my credit card purchases(especially NUB cigars) to purchase/upgrade any of my ‘toys’ is one long struggle but i am going to do it by hook or crook! bobbmd

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Get that Gungnir upgrade…The Gumby really rocks nice.

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Upgrade from Bluesound Node 2 - - - - > AURALIC Altair

Clarity, sound stage, brilliance… Increased
Happiness… Increased

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You are most welcome! My comment would be that Multi-bit DACs sound superior to me over Delta Sigma DAC’s I have heard…even in my own system…

Bifrost Multibit being delivered today. I will let it warm up for 3-4 days before actual use. Looking forward to hearing the multibit difference!

Optical (Glass or Plastic) ? Really. And why -Optical ?

In any case, your Hugo T.T. sounds most interesting. Do you have it now, and how is it performing ?


gungnir premultibit/audioquest dragon fly red/ meridian explorer2 bobbmd


Get that Gungnir modified to a Gumby…you’ll be blown away at the difference!! While you are at it get the GEN 5 USB input board another advance in SQ!!


@LarryMagoo- will do as soon as my CFO will let me(maybe for the BIG seven-oh) What do think of the 2-3 other new additions those preamps does one really need a preamp I have circa 2005 Yamaha(combo amp/preamp) rx-v2500 which is quite is still really good with all sort of bells and whistles and a choice 2.0 2.1 7.1 channels and even have it connected to a 5 disc cd dvd-a sacd cd dvd changer with an outlaw audio icbm bass manager Thanks bobbmd

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ROON ROCK to a DCS Network Bridge, then AES (Nordost) to a pair of Devialet Monos D440’s…loving it!

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Macbook Pro - ODAC RevB - Little Dot MKV - Sennheiser HD600

Currently I leave my squeezeboxes to the childrens rooms and listen to Pink Faun Audio Streamer - DAC 4.32. A fantastic upgrade soundwise!

Synology=>PS DirectStream Junior => Rotel 1592 => LS50s or HD800s

PS Junior is Roon Ready and 'just works"!


UPDATE: Currently I have my core set up in my office on an iMac. There I’m using a Schitt Jotunheim DAC/AMP which is okay but I’d rather have a separate DAC. In my remote bedroom, I use the SMSL M8 with the iFi iCan amp. I would use that for the office/core but the iFi iCan doesn’t have connectors for my speakers.