What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(John B) #1

Title says it all really, wondering what DACs the Roon borg use and what type of connection and do you use Hqplayer?

Currently I’m using a Naim nDAC via optical, with a Chord Hugo TT on order to replace this which will be the USB input most likely.
Currently I don’t use HqPlayer.


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(Johan) #2

Audioengine D2, wireless DAC.


Unison Research CD Due using the USB Regen into a Sonicorbiter SE and running HQP with Roon.

(Norman Salazar) #4

PS Audio PWD MKII via USB to Roon Server.
Chord Mojo via USB to a Roon Remote
2X Beosound Essence (Airplay)
4X Airport Express (Airplay)
2X Apple TV (Airplay)

Although the Airplay devices are not considered DACs per se of course, the convenience they represent for casual listening (listening to music in the kitchen or in the bathroom) are marvellous, besides you can group them to have party mode when needed. Nevertheless, 90% of my listening experience is through the PWD and Chord Mojo.

(Brian Borgman) #5

Wyred 4 sound Dac 2 dsdse

(Andy) #6

PS Audio DirectStream

(Daniel Beyer) #7

If you could let us know how the Hugo TT sounds, that would be great! :smiley:


In short version:
Totaldac RoonReady d1-server USB to Totaldac reclocker, AES/EBU to (custom) Totaldac monobloc DACs. I do not use HQ player.

(Geoff Coupe) #9


(Ludwig van Marbach) #10

Meridian 818v3/DSP8000SE
Meridian 818v3 DAC -> Stax T1/404LE
Meridian MS200
Meridian Explorer1

(Wayne Bull) #11

iqaudio Pi-Dac+ as NAA or iFi nano Idsd direct

(rovinggecko) #12

DDDAC - 4 decks
Meridian G68

The G68 is fed via HQPlayer with RPi &digi+ as naa endpoint.

(Walcir Cardoso) #13

Exasound e22 - an amazing combination! Works flawlessly.

(Mark) #14

ExaSound E12… Ditto on the “excellent combination” post above. Playing with Roon and HQP, and totally happy with it!

(Dan) #16

Antelope Platinum & Chord Hugo


Meridian 818v3 id41 to DSP8000
Meridian 818v3 XLR to Stax SR009
Meridian MS600 x2
No HQPlayer

(Duncan Rolfe) #18

Meridian 861v4 with ID40
Meridian MS600 (to various analogue systems)
Meridian MS200 x2 (to DSP5000’s)
IQAudio PI-DAC+ / PI-AMP+ (IQ_Roon RC3)
Meridian Explorer 2 (at work via VPN)


Weiss DAC2, over firewire and just Roon with ASIO.

(Dennis Waugh) #20

Lampizator L4G5
Cuboxi NAA with linear psu

(Paul Weedon) #21

Exasound e28 - waiting to get back to multichannel
2 x IQaudIO PiDAC+