What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(paolo) #772

as I reported in the “hiccups thread” a couple of weeks back (I believe) for some mysterious reason all was fine lately, up to DSD-128 (don’t have any higher resolution file), with the 2Qute too :slightly_smiling_face:


playing now with the Qutest a DSD128 album (Daniele Gatti/RCO orchestra “Le Sacre du Printemps”) and all is fine (but it already was with the 2Qute, as I said)
will try getting a DSD256 and try (through USB, as the Audiophilleo I’m using only goes up to DSD128)

(jon michaels) #773

ROCK > PS Audio DirectSteam (via USB)


PS Audio DS Jr. via Bridge II

(R S) #775

Hi Robert. How do you like the Kalliope. Looks an impressive machine. Would be interested in any impressions you are willing to share. Regards, R S


Hi. It is gorgeus machine. I play mostly files (both hi-res and red book CD) via USB input from my dedicated PC audio. The Kalliope has a great, Gryphon own designed, USB input with a large bank of capacitors working as a phantom power supply. It is better than other DAC’s based on Xmos or Amanero USB kit inputs. Also SPDIF BNC inputs, which one of them I use with CD transport are great. Kalliope sound is very detailed, high resoluted, coherent and with high consistency of the frequency response and has an excellent timbre (especially for mid-frequencies). I have compared it against Musical Fidelity, Calyx 24/192, Hegel HD11. Kalliope won the competition unbeatable but it wasn’t surprise for me, becasue the price gap between DAC’s suggested it.


I’m getting an Ayre QX-5. Had it is my setup for a week and was convinced. It’s awesome with Roon!


Ayre QX-5 as well, great piece of equipement indeed. I don’t use HQ Player or the Roon DSP options, I let the Ayre do everything.

(Robert ) #779

Just added a PS Audio Direct Stream Jr. as my primary DAC

Second DAC, Schiit Gumby

(Johan) #780

Audiolab MDAC plus


how would you characterize the differences between the DSJ and Gumby?

(Simon Chick) #782

Yup me too. Generally delighted with Ayre.


For all of you folks with Ayre QX-5, any chance you compared with PS Audio Directream (streaming Roon via its Bridge II)?

My DAC is Directstream, but I have Ayre Amp and Preamp, and very fond of them. Maybe I should go all-in with Ayre by replacing the DSD with the Ayre QX-5?

  • Marantz NA8005 via USBridge
  • Wyred4Sound 1v2 via USBridge
  • FiiO E07/E09K via USB (RPI)

(Mike O'Neill) #785

What do you use as a end point, I have the original M-DAC


(Dick van de Merwe) #786

DDDAC1794 NOS DAC with I2S coupled BerryStreamer.

(Vule) #787

+1 for Ayre QX-5!

(Robert ) #788

DS Jr is fuller and more musical IMO. Both are great DACs.

(Johan) #789

Imac-SOtM sms 200-Audiolab MDAC Plus. Sounds very good. The Audiolab is used as a pre/dac.

(Mike O'Neill) #790

Mine runs via a. Cambridge Audio CXN sadly as Airplay then a digital connection to M DAC

My hifi is now really headphones so the M DAC is really only a headphone amp to my Sennheiser HD800’s

I still use JRiver for the hi res stuff until I get a better end point



I’m using a Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 v2se