What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #792

Currently using a Rega Dac-R as well as a Musical Fidelity V90.

Contemplating a Naim Dac V1 for headphone listening.



Chord Hugo
Using Roon to run via DSD

(Ged) #794

Now moved to

  1. SMS-200 > Chord 2Qute
  2. Raspberry Pi > Musical Fidelity USB to SP/Dif converter
  3. Sonos kit
  4. Pioneer XDP-100P
  5. Raspberry Pi - Allo DAC
  6. Android Phone > Bluetooth DAC
  7. iPad

(B Frank) #795

QNAP NAS + Tidal, RoonCore on 2012 MacMini i7 8GB 128 SSD (macOS), RasPi3/HifiBerry DigiPRO+ (Linux DietPI), TosLink-> iFi SPDIF iPurifier -> Lyngdorf TDAI 2170 (RoomCorrection/Sub-Integration)-> Harbeth 40 Mastering Series Monitors + AudioPhysics Minos Sub


(Matt Williamson) #796

Mytek Brooklyn
Geek Pulse Xfi

(Ric CK) #797

RoonCore on MacMini i7 (macOS) > SMS-200 > usb > Chord Hugo2


tentlabs Bdac mk3

(dej) #799

Matrix Audio X sabre pro, Genelec 8351 and nuc fanless roon

(Tom Verhulst) #800

Auralic Aries Femto -> Mutec MC-3+ USB -> AMR dp-777 se

(Larry) #801

I just got an Aqua Formula driven from a Mac Mini over USB. I think the DAC is awesome.

(Mark) #802

Metrum Onyx ā€¦. love it. I am thinking about adding the MQA card to it, but I am waiting to hear more listening impressions / opinions on MQA from Tidal.

My sonic path = MacBook Pro => Verastarr Nemesis USB cable => Matrix X-SPDIF2 ddc (powered by Uptone LPS1.2) => Snake River Boomslang SPDIF cable => Metrum Onyx. A Synology DS218j NAS stores my music files.

(Omer Saner) #803

Asus vivopc i3 ( roon rock) = dhlabs Mirage usb cable = Hegel h360 usb input


Mac Mini > Usb > Iso Regen/LPS-1 > USPCB > Hugo 2

(Ramona Kollar-Neuber) #805
  1. Allo Digi One Player to iFi iDSD Micro BL via USB for MQA and HATs SPDIF for non MQA (this is my stationary setup, before i got my stuff from Schiit )
  2. Chord Poly + Mojom for Headphone
  3. IPhone SE with Fiio for my Garden Boombox :wink:

(Mike O'Neill) #806

I bit the bullet

I now have Ethernet > RPi > Audiolab M-DAC > HD800

Still checking out but it sounds sweet ā€¦


(Chris Ellison) #807

Roon Core (Mac mini i7) > HQPlayer > microRendu w/ MCRU linear PSU > Naim DAC-V1 > Naim NAP-100 > Neat Motive SX2


What DAC did the Aqua replace?

(Larry) #809

The Aqua replaced the DAC section of an Accuphase DP-65V CD player. My sound has moved dramatically, partly due to a new amp and partly due to the new DAC.

(George Carlson) #810

Sonictransporter, Roon server , HQ player > Ultrarendu>Oppo 205

(Frans Keylard) #811

ExaSound E38 DAC + ExaSound PlayPoint + Teddy Pardo LPS

This multichannel combo works beautifully with Roon. Excuse the amateurish photo! :slight_smile: