What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Alex Reusch) #812

MicroRendu > Nuprime HD-AVP

(Stephen Graham) #813

Pretty cool to see all the different configurations. Mine are as follows.

Living Room:
Synology DS1511 -> Roon Server (running on Sonic Transporter i5) -> Sonore Ultrarendu with an SBooster LPS (via Curious USB cable) -> Ayre QB9DSD ->Ayre AX7e -> Proac Response D28

I’ve also used the above setup with an Auralic Aries instead of the Ultrarendu and a pair of KEF LS50’s replacing the Proacs.

Synology DS1511 -> Roon Server (running on Sonic Transporter i5) -> Sonore Microrendu with an Uptone Audio Ultracap LPS-1 (via Curious USB cable) -> Ayre Codex -> Audeze LCD3 using a Cardas Clear Light balanced cable

I also use a pair of Sennheiser HD800’s occasionally instead of the Audeze phones (also with a Cardas Clear Light balanced cable)

I use Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet cables throughout both setups

(Mike O'Neill) #814

The HD800 are your spares … :nerd_face:


Windows PC (Roon --> HQPlayer) --[USB]–> Accuphase DAC-40 card (in Accuphase E-250 integrated amplifier) --> Dynaudio Contour 3.4 LE speakers


Roon Servier: SonicTransporter i5

In the main listening room: Ultrarendu with Uptone LPS-1.2 > Brooklyn DAC+

Sonos throughout the rest of the house for casual listening

(Stephen Graham) #817

I have to admit that’s kind of a crazy luxury. :smirk:

(jrivask) #818

Roon Nucleus:

-In main room connected directly via USB to Auralic VEGA or Streaming to Chord MOJO > Luxman L-550AX > Harbeth’s Super HL5 Plus

-In secondary room streaming to MacBook Pro > NAD M51 > Feliks Audio Elise and Violectric V281 > Sennheiser HD800, Audeze LCD2, Sony MDR-Z1R

(Shane Johnson) #819

QNAP-251 => network => Raspberry Pi -> USB -> Topping D50 (Main Room)
QNAP-251 => network => Raspberry Pi -> USB -> Topping D30 (Study)
QNAP-251 => network => Raspberry Pi -> I2S -> IQAudio Pro+ => IQAudioAmp (spare room)

(Joseph Gerardi) #820

Roon Core on Dell dual Xeon Windows server with iPad for remote,
Synology 4 drive NAS,
dCS Network Bridge w MQA,
Berkeley Audio Alpha Reference Dac w MQA

(Mikael Ollars) #821

An addition to my collection of DACs that gets regular use! (The Hugo, the Mojo has been in constant use for about a year)

(simon arnold) #822

Main system is Naim Uniti Atom feeding QAcoustics 2050i it’s a native all on one streamer,DAC and amp love it.

2nd system irDac iI with a Pi3 and Hifiberry Digi Pro and active QAcoustics. I have to say it gives the main system a run for its money.

Core is on i3 running vortexbox 2.4

(Paul Sherriffs) #823

Buffalo III from Twisted Pair Audio. USB connected to a Mac Mini where I recently started using Roon Server. Have to say I’m impressed! Was using Audirvana previously.

(Michael D Schuster) #824

Chord Hugo2. Roon’s DSP Engine disabled. Roon’s Audio Analysis disabled. Storage 2TB USB SSD. IMO Roon’s playback is at a high standard, except for a minor Pause/Play button issue.

(Stephen McLeod) #825

At the core - my desktop iMac I am using an objective DAC manufactured by Mayflower Electronics ——> the Alex Cavalii Hybrid Tube Amp. In the living room I listen to loudspeakers via the Oppo Digital HA-1 as a preamp and sometimes as a headphone amp. But I am considering removing the HA1 back to my desktop if I can find a good preamp because I also use the Oppo Digital BD 105 as a DAP as well as a DAC, In the bedroom i listen to music through the Roon remote on my MacBook Pro ——> SMSL M8——>iFi iCan headphone amp.

(Tony) #826

IQaudioDAC+/Amps, Chord Mojo and a Meridian Explorer. Thinking of replacing the Explorer with a Chord Qutest soon. All fed from Pi endpoints.

(Joseph Gerardi) #827

Berkeley Audio Alpha Dac Reference Series MQA


iPad Air 2 Roon control point
Lounge : Linn KDS/3
Kitchen : Linn Sneaky DS
Office/Study : iMac (2017)
Garden : iPad Air2/UE Boom2 (pair)

(Mr Fix It ) #829

Just fired up my Emotiva DC-1 while it maxes out at 24/192 its still a nice piece of kit - value for money when I got it and it has the matching SP-1 RCA input selector and Phono Pre


I have this DAC. It can function as a pre-amp, but I don’t think it has a phono stage.

Nice DAC, but I am thinking of upgrading.

(Mr Fix It ) #831

The phono stage is in the SP-1…it’s a nice pair…and there is now a PA-1 monoblock with matching formfactor.