What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Richard Verhart) #832

Recently upgraded to Naim Uniti Atom driving my Hypex nCore mono power amplifiers. Could not be happier. Room integration works perfectly since the Naim is Roon certified.

(Gerald Sullivan) #833

Mytek Liberty connected to sMS-200 in listening room.
Pro-Ject S2D connected to NUC in HT system


Listening Room: QNAP NAS --> Mac Mini --> Playback Designs MPD-8
Headphones: QNAP NAS --> MacBook AIr --> Meridian Explorer 2
Studio: QNAP NAS --> iMac --> Apogee Element 24

Roon Core running on NAS.

(Armin Kern) #835

Pro-ject Audio Systems Prebox S2 Digital
as Dacfor my Einstein Audio Compnents The Tune Amp


Desk - Ropiee > DigiOne > Chord Hugo TT
Listening Station > Ropiee > DigiOne > Chord Hugo 2
Theatre - Oppo 203 HDMI > Anthem MX-720 for 2.0 and Rock/Nuc HDMI> Anthem MX-720 for 5.1

(Wim) #837
  1. Desk: NUC7i7 (ROCK) -> audioquest pearl USB -> Pro-Ject Pre-Box S2 Digital -> Aune X7s (Aune XP) -> MrSpeakers ETHER C FLow + RPi 3 with display (Ropieee)
  2. Living Room: NAD T 777 v3 -> 5.1 2x Dali Rubicon LRC + Dali Fazon LRC + 2x Dali Fazon SAT + SVS SB4000
  3. Kitchen: Bluesound Node 2 (optical from TV set) + Bluesound Pulse Soundbar
  4. Bedroom: Allo BOSS + RPi 3 (RoPieee) -> Creative T20 Wireless
  5. Bathroom: Sonos Play:1
  6. Office: 2x Sonos Play:1
  7. HP Elitebook G4 Win 10 (on the go): Meridian Explorer² + Samsung Level Over or Logitech Ultimate Ears IEM’s
  8. Samsung Note 8 + Samsung Tab A6

(Andrew Welch) #838

Cary Audio DMS-500, fed by Nucleus+, everything upsampled to DSD512 except MQA.

(Jim) #839
  1. Living room: dCS Network Bridge > Debussy DAC
  2. Kitchen: Allo Boss 1.2
  3. Dining room: Allo Boss 1.2
  4. Bedroom: Airport Express (Airplay)
  5. Gym: iPad > bluetooth

(Chris) #840

Living room: NUC7i5 (ROCK) > Auralic Altair (Streaming DAC)
Headphones: NUC7i5 (ROCK) > MacBook Pro, iPad or iPhone > Chord Mojo

(Mark Wexler) #841

Meitner MA1 V2 through a mac mini


Berkeley Alpha DAC 2 MQA from a Audio Alchemy DMP-1 by way of a ST i5.

(Marcel van Tilburg) #843

I also use the sMS-200 and the M-DAC+ and am very happy with the sound quality. Strangely, when I tested a Raspberry Pi with Roon Bridge installed, it Roon Server recognized the dac perfectly. Now it only says Audiolab Audiolab USB2, not the model. I wonder do you have the same entry in server?


My whole equipment chain:

Roon -> Chord Silver USB + Mutec MC-3+ USB -> Belden 1694A -> Naim DAC + TeddyXPS -> Linn Silver DIN -> Naim SuperNait2 + TeddyCap -> NAC A5 -> ATC SCM40 MkII

Still waiting for Roon Ready for Mutec. Should be on its way I heard.

(Johan) #845

Idem! Audiolab confirmed that the MDAC plus would get MQA update.

(Greg Thompson) #846

I use the Sony Signature Series TA-ZH1ES.


Berkeley Alpha DAC 2 with MQA, Outstanding.

(Gerald Richardson) #848

Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital was just delivered today. So far, so good!

(Nondual) #849

Mytek Libery in living room and Aune X1s in office with headphones


Thought I was the only one. Nice to have company! :grinning:

(Tom Verhulst) #851

Synology NAS -> Nuc7i3 -> Auralic Vega G2 (ethernet connection)