What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Thomas Pinckard) #872

La Dom - How do you like the W4S dac ? I am using the 10th Anniversary Dac and really like it. No MQA support however :frowning:


Hi Thomas,

Now I’m using the 10th Anniversary like you.
I really appreciate it. Concerning MQA support I’m afraid that it will never support it. But it is not a great problem for me :wink:

(Philipp Schaefer) #874

Changed my DAC four weeks ago to a PS Audio Directstream. Came with software version Red Cloud. Now running the new Snowmass software. Made another huge step. Very happy with this setup.

(Jeff) #875

I’m playing around with my Mirus Signature Pro again.

(Jeremy) #876


What DAC did you use before?

Are there any pops or clicks between tracks of different format or different sample rate? Lots of complaints about this on forums in the past.

The PS Audio Directstream has only about 17 bits resolution and the passive output transformer probably contributes to the poor linearity (harmonic distortion) at low frequencies. However, these short comings technically may be one of the reasons it sounds so much like analog. John Darko says recent firmware updates and especially Huron made dramatic changes making the DAC less analog and more digital?

Would be interested in your views? (Especially because you use ATC 50 as I have the 150)


I’m playing around with Bimby and Gumby, love the reasonable priced products of Schiit. Also have the Fulla somewhere.

Bimby = Schiit Bifrost Multibit (Gen 2 or 3 USB)
Gumby = Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gen 5 USB)

(Thomas Pinckard) #878

La Dom

Me neither! It is built into Roon anyway so not really missing it on the Dac side. EJ is not a big fan anyway especially since the additional cost he would have to charge for the Dac!

Thanks for your timely response.



(Thomas Pinckard) #879

Ha, Le_Dom -

Do you know by chance if Roon got rid of the Alphabet bar on the 1.5 build? I can seem to find it in the settings where it used to be?? I really liked that tool !

Thanks for the help



(Chris ) #880

In Artists, look at the bottom left corner


No I didn’t know how to do but thanks to Chris we now how to do now…
Many thanks to him… :grinning::+1:

(Adam Goodfellow) #882

Anyone eyeing up the new NAD C 658?

(Henri Serton) #883

Yea, I have my eye on it. It looks very interesting.

(Jeb) #884

Schiit Yggdrasil (Analogue 2 Version).

(Ramona Kollar-Neuber) #885

Schiit Gumby in the living room. Fed by an Allo Digi One, leading into Buchardt S300 mk2. Poly Mojo for IEMs and some Cans. Audio GD R2R 11 and Meridian Explorer in the Office.

(Philipp Schaefer) #886


I was using an Arcam FMJ D33 DAC and was extremely happy with the sound. In fact I was skeptical, if it could get any better in my system. (A review of the D33 from 2013 can be found here “…It offers a taste of what is possible from cost-no-object D/A processors at a competitive price.”)

Then I found this good DSD offer on eBay and couldn’t resist to find out, what one of the most respected DACs out there would do to my system. As I said, it came with RedCloud, which solved some “bugs”, that in the early days of that DAC caused questions to some measurements.

You find a statement from Ted Smith, the brain behind the DSD, about this issue (and the 17 bits resolution) here: https://forum.psaudio.com/t/fpga-improvements-in-redcloud/4482/96

What I can say from experience; I never heard a pop or click on my system. Actually with the new software (Snowmass) these seem to be gone. There’s a new issue - rare fading in of the music - that was introduced with the solution for the pops and clicks (which was caused by change of resolution from the source). I heard that fade in once. But it seems to be on bug-level (not architecture), so I’m confident that Ted will eliminate that in a future update, too.

All in all I can say that the DS DAC with Snowmass delivers on my highest dreams. I do not hear any “digital” sound, I hear a soundstage that feels real when you close your eyes, I hear detail, that’s just amazing, it’s able to separate instruments, voices, background even in highly complex and busy music. It has deep punch and airy cymbals. And timbre of e.g. voice, acoustic guitar or trumpet with the ATCs is a class of it’s own (you know that).

I use an Ayre pre-amp and physical balanced in-line attenuators (-10dB) from Rothwell to manage input levels to the ATCs. They are dead quiet and listening to very low volumes with good sound is possible.

From all what I read about the Benchmark DACs they are excellent, professional products (and were on my short list). But I wanted to make a bigger jump, and I think I made it with the DSD/Snowmass.

(Shane Johnson) #887

Hi Rick, tried a few of those too. But love the Topping D50, but the D10 is up there also.


(Daniel Lundh) #888

My main DAC is the ESS ES9006 SABRE Premier Audio DAC.
Sounds great to me!

(Mark Hyland) #889

Roon Nucleus plugged into ProJect Pre S2 Digital via USB (Curious Cable)


I recently cycled in the TerraBerry DAC and the sound from my system is exceptional. Its all there! The music simply opens up across the front of my listening position. So for now the D50 sits lonely on the shelf. :blush:


PS Audio Direct Stream JR. Awesome DAC, converts everything to DSD. Amazing detail reveal in most Red Book 44 - 16bit.