What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Chris ) #913

Meridian DSP 5200SEs are my DAC now… The search is over, it took long enough though :joy:

(simon) #914

Kitchen - Squeezebox boom
Dining room - Pi->Chord 2Qute->Luxman M200->Harbeth P3ESR
Living room - Yamaha YSP2700 soundbar over airplay
Bedroom - Pi->Metrum Onyx->MFA passive preamp->Bryston 4BSST2->ATC SCM19
Bedroom headphones - Pi->Hifiberry DAC+ Pro XLR->Violectric HPA V200 amp->Sennheiser HD800


Tidal > Roon > HiFiBerry Digi +Pro > SMSL M10 DAC > active speakers.


FLAC or Tidal via Ethernet -> Chromecast Audio -> QED Reference Optical -> Hugo Mscaler -> Wave Dual BNC Cables -> Hugo 2 -> Nordost Heimdall 2 cable -> Sennheiser HD800 To Ears

(paolo) #917

Metrum Acoustics Adagio delivered a few hours ago
Connected and burning-in but… already breathtaking :slight_smile:

(jimmy stabler) #918

I have the Ambre delivering today and the Onyx later this week!!

(Kees van der Wal) #919

(jimmy stabler) #920

Nice, how do you have it hooked up? I2s or COAX?

(Kees van der Wal) #921

I2S is the way to go…:+1:


How do you connect a PC to an I2S input?
Do you need a separate PCI Express card?
Or does the Ambre act as the bridge?

(Henry) #923

PCIe card or bridge (AudioByte Hydra Z or similar).

(jimmy stabler) #924

you use I2S from Ambre to connect to DAC.

(Thomas Pinckard) #925

I use the Wyred4Sound Dac2V2se 10th Anniversary Dac. The cost is 4500.00. I am running I2S



(Thomas Pinckard) #926

Chris -

See your first request for details.



(Thomas Becker) #927

NAD D 1050
Meridian Explorer
Emotiva Little Ego

(Henry) #928

Is that an Explorer or Explorer2?

(Thomas Becker) #929

Explorer v1.

(Chris ) #930

They don’t do MQA only Explorer 2

(Henry) #931

His issue is Roon doesn’t always recognise it as an accredited product I think.

(Marco) #932

Roon Server (with Tidal) on Windows 10

Roon Client>iPhone 8 Plus>Chord Mojo