What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price


same here with bk dac + and using a mcintosh mha 150


AURALiC Aries G1 (WiFi) -> Tellurium Q black USB cable -> Chord 2Qute (powered by BoTW LPS)

(Cees Vreugdenhil) #935

Raspberry Pi > Allo Digione > IFI idsd black label

(OuYang, Ming-Kang) #936

iFi micro iUSB3.0 > (USB Data & 5V) ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
|-----------------------> (USB 5V) ------------------------------------------------------------> Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital
|-----------------------> (USB 5V) > Google Chromecast Audio > (Optical) --------------------------|

Roon Nucleus > (USB) > iFi micro iUSB3.0
Roon Nucleus > (WiFi) > iPad mini 2 with Roon Remote > (USB OTG) > iFi micro iUSB3.0

(Bill McCaig) #937

PS Audio PS Jr

(Mark) #938

RPi (Ropieee) -> USB -> TEAC UD-503

RPi (Ropieee) -> USB -> iFi micro iDSD

(paolo) #939

(almost) all in silver here :slight_smile:

(Kees van der Wal) #940

Which Qnap do you use ?

(paolo) #941

HS-251+ (fanless) :slight_smile:
only used for music files, powered by an HD-Plex 100w LPS and with everything but SMB turned off :wink:

(alessandro niola) #942

Main System : Heed Obelsik DA
Headphone set up: Meridian Explore 2

(Thomas Pinckard) #943

Wyred4Sound Dac2v2 DSDse 10th Anniversary Dac. Running I2S $4500.00 This Dac is fed by Sonore Signature Rendu SE to the Sonore Ultra Digital for the USB to I2S conversion.3400.00 for both pieces.

Cheers, :grin:

(jimmy stabler) #944

Beautiful setup. Did you get a separate power cord for the Ambre/Pavane? I’m trying to decide if I need to do that or not.

(Kees van der Wal) #945

I am not the type of guy that invest a lot of money in powercords…:joy:. I simply don’t believe in the stories told about powercords. I also can’t the hear the difference…:wink:. I use the SHUNYATA RESEARCH Venom 3, they are available for a reasonable amount of money.

(jimmy stabler) #946

ha! well too me, spending 100 for a power cord is a lot of money. I just wanted to know if you replaced the stock one given and it appears you do. Thanks!

(Stephen McLeod) #947

oppo%20ha1 Oppo Digital HA-1

Class A, Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier, DAC & Stereo Pre-amp


Price: $1,799.00

(Derek Wyman) #948

Keces DA 131. New was around $650 with the upgraded power cable. Can find on eBay in the 350-400 range every once in a while. Smooth as butter.

(Sean) #949

A modern classic. Sad to see it go out of production.

(Stephen McLeod) #950

Yes I saw that . Equally sadOPPO_HA-2_side_large (for me): I had a HA-2 - the portable - and it was stolen. That broke my heart. It was the most versatile piece of audio equipment I owned at one point. I have a godson, however, who has one and he is not really using it, so I offered to trade him something that he might use and he says he will do it. I just have to figure out what he needs. He’s not using it at all now but he does use a stand-alone DAC for his home AV system. I thought maybe the Mayflower O2/ODAC would work for him, which, when the HA-2 was still available would have been a comparable trade. Nowadays the HA-2 is very dear and it’s hard to find one (you can have one fo $499 in Australia - presumably that’s Aussie dollars.) I told him all this and he is still okay with the idea. So I figure I’ll probably do it.

(Sean) #951

Forgot to mention I never used my HA-1’s internal DAC - I only used it as Pre and Headphone Amp and it was stellar. But from all the great reviews over the years, the DAC section was nice too.

Good luck with the DAC swap.

(Daniel Lundh) #952

I love that it has a spectrum analyzer on it. Such a great look for a DAC.