What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(John Hill) #995

Windows 10 PC
Mytek Liberty DAC

(Larry Toy) #996

Lampizator Pacific for stereo (PCM and DSD)
NADAC multichannel for mch files

(Trond Arne Velund) #997

Main stereo living room: Hegel H160 internal DAC with Ropieee and HiFiBerry Digi+, KEF R500 speskers, Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cable

Second system: Hegel H90 internal DAC with Ropieee and HiFiBerry Digi+, Sonus Faber Chamelon B, Abrahamsen FLS speaker cable

On the Go: Audioquest Dragonfly or Hegel Super, Focal Elegia headphones

(René) #998

I use a Audio-GD R-7 DAC.

The chain is like this:
Roon on Intel NUC8i7BEH with iFi iPurifier2 > SOtM sMS-200Ultra with sPS-500 > Singxer SU-1 with SOtM sCLK-EX build in > Audio-GD R-7 DAC (I2S input)

(justjames) #999

Roon > Metrum Ambre (I2S) Metrum Onyx > XLR > McIntosh MA6600

(justjames) #1000

which Rega?


I believe it’s just called that: Rega DAC. It’s the 2011 or 2012 model, no remote (hence no “-R”) but quite some filter presets to chose from …

(justjames) #1002

right on. I’m always curious how others feel the Onyx compares to OS DAC’s over similar price range.

I went from Bluesound node 2i to Onyx and not that it’s really a fair comparison, but well, that sure was a game changer :wink: I can only imagine what the Pavane or Adagio would sound like.


Dac: L.K.S Audio MH DA004 Mini

Synology NAS → Intel NUC8i7BEH Roon Rock OS (with a Linear Power Supply) → L.K.S Audio MH DA004 Mini (USB: ATL 201RH , Power Cord: Tiglion MGL-DFA10) → Accuphase E-260 (XLR:VOVOX Textura IC Balanced, Power Cord: Neotech Sahara) →Monitor Audio Studio 2(Speaker Cable: MIT MH-750 )


It has to be mentioned that the Rega did cost roughly a third of what’s to be paid for the Onyx. Also, I have to give the Onyx at least another week or so according to the manual before comparing in earnest – even so I don’t really understand why a DAC would need three weeks to “burn in”.

(justjames) #1005

yea, I was told to keep the machine running for 2 weeks before really listening. I’d argue most of that is just getting familiar with sound.

(Jeffrey Pierce) #1006

Schiit Modi 2U —> Vali 2 —> LCD-3s

Oppo HA-2SE —> Noble Kaisers

Synology NAS Roon Core —> AirPlay

  • 4x HomePods
  • 2x Airport Express
  • 2x AppleTVs

Looking to possibly upgrade my Schiit stack – any suggestions?

(Kevin) #1007

I’ve had a multi-bit Gungnir DAC and Mjolnir amp for a couple of years now and have loved every minute of listening through them. I use either HD600s or my good ol’ Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers. Very happy - I tend to look for value (cost vs performance) and really feel I’ve gotten it with this setup. All of this assumes you meant to upgrade to more Schiit, of course!

(Rudy Taylor) #1008

Speaking of Schiit?! i am seriously focused on upgrading from an 8 year old Bel Canto DAC3. Schiit and Chord are the direction I’m leaning. Happy with Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 9 active loudspeakers. how did you come to Schiit?

(Kevin) #1009

My intro was a Magni and Modi a number of years ago. After digging around on headfi.org (I listen most often with headphones) and reading a number of reviews with a focus on sound quality for the dollar, it seemed like a sensible choice. They have a reasonable return policy, warranty and are made in the US where I live. I’ve been very happy with the Gumby/Mjolnir/Sennheiser combination. My disclaimer is that I don’t have much experience listening to other mid- or hi-fi gear. So I can provide zero comparisons, but I like what my ears hear. Have fun choosing!

(Neil Russell) #1010

I use a Cocktail Audio X45 Pro, and love it!! Best $6000 I have ever spent.

(Peter Meeus) #1011

Mac Mini Roonserver -> ethernet -> Allo USBridge -> USB -> Nagra HD Dac

(dej) #1012

Imhave Matrix audio x sabre pro

(bevan court) #1013

The Modi 3 is getting rave reviews over both of the previous generation Modi’s. Darko convinced me to try one for the office so and it actually stayed in the main system. Even Amir says it’s the best measuring Schitt DAC.

(Nicholas) #1014

Now I use a Rega DAC-R via an ultraRendu.