What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Jeffrey Pierce) #1015

Yeah - I’ve seen some of those reviews. The Modi I have is great - I’m actually quite happy with my desk system - this is more of a “I’ve had it for a while and want to try something new” change. I am seriously looking at the Woo WA7. If anyone has experience with one of those (with Roon of course) and LCD 3s or TH-600s I’d love to hear (pun not intended)…

(Jeffrey Pierce) #1016

I think I found Schiit like many other I’ve heard from, lots of time digging through forums looking for the unsung heroes of cost to value.

(robert w burdick) #1017

first generation Gungnir (?500$)first generation Magni(99$) meridian explorer 2(~200$) listen through quasi 7.1/2.1 setup cambridge soundworks towers model 6’s and s-300 multipole satellites(henry kloss’s old company)(total in 2005 ~5000$ with Yamaha rxv-2500/dvd c-750 multiformat changer/outlaw icbm-1)
sennheiser 598’s and sennheiser rs 195’s(my favorite)
listen to ROON with Qobuz/TIDAl/my 56000 track iTunes-favorites library use A+3 with same plus ROON/TIDAL desktop apps
still think A+3 ‘sounds’ the best but all services/players are very good

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #1018

I assume you are not referring to the Multibit modi?

(Ged) #1019

HiBy R3 in my laptop

(Mike Schneider) #1020

Main Room:
Sotm SMS200 Neo
Ayre Codex


(chris) #1021

Audio Note 2.1 Signature
Lumin U1

(bevan court) #1022

No, it is replacing the Modi 2 and the Uber.


Living Room:
Roon ROCK [NUC 6i5]
Bluesound Node N100 (Gen 1 - $299 when new)
Emotiva XDA-2 DAC ($399 when new)
Emotiva BasX A-100 Stereo Flex Amp ($229 when new)
Q Acoustics 3010 ($169 when new)

Google Chromecast Audio, Google Home Mini, Apple TV 3 & 4

Budget system, but full-featured. Haven’t yet found alternatives with similar pricing with trigger input (from the Bluesound Node) to the trigger inputs and outputs in both the Emotiva DAC and amp. Lack of remote for the amp offset by the fully remote-controlled pre-amp functions of the XDA-2. Will be moving on to add an XLR input subwoofer such as the Adam Audio Sub7 to augment the small Q3010’s bass.

Bluesound Node unfolds Tidal MQA and sends it at 24/96 or 24/88.2 via Toslink, which works well with the XDA-2. Will repurpose it soon to stream to active speakers (JBL 305p Mk II?) in another room.

Open to suggestions as to alternative setups with similar functionality - thanks everyone!

(Mark Johnson) #1024

Chord Hugo bought used at £700 GBP

(Chris) #1025

HifiBerry DAC + Pro XLR (€42), I2S, Pi 3+ B, Ropieee
iFi iDAC 2 (€330), USB, Pi 3+ B, Ropieee
Logitech Radio (ie. TI TLV320AIC3104) (€ out of production), I2S, Squeezebox

(Tim Chapman) #1026

Zotac Mini running Roon Rock
ProJect Audio Stream Box S2 Ultra
ProJect Audio PreBox RS Digital

(Roon Dude) #1027

Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSD-SE. USB from Mac mini. No HQPlayer.

(Christopher Boone) #1028

Mac Mini #1 Roon Core >
Mac Mini #2 Roon Bridge >
HQPlayer >
Topping D50 >
AudioLab 8000A integrated amp >
Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus speakers + CA Minx 201 Sub


Roon Server (+ REW generated convolution)
Allo Digione Signature + LPS
Schiit Gungnir Multibit
Belles Aria Integrated Amp
ATC SCM 19’s + Rythmik F12 Sub

I contemplate swapping out the Digione + Gumby for something like a Teac NT 505 one day, once used units start showing up on the market … though not sure what I will gain or lose SQ wise other than MQA 2nd unfold … (and one less box).

btw, the Belles Aria, little known, is a superb integrated for the money.

(simon fong) #1031

NUC Rock -> cocktail audio n15D
N15D is Roon ready DAC support air play

(Christopher Seiffe) #1032

I am using an Exogal 440 Comet with the power supply feeding a Rogue Athena to Rogue M-180s with KT 120 tubes and am quite happy.

(Pete) #1033

Nucleus + to internal dac of Luxman D08u

(Ged) #1034

Pioneer XDP-100 DAP

(Mikael Ollars) #1035

Some time passed and changes happened:

Audiobyte Black Dragon, excellent Rumanian DAC/HP amp.
Chord Hugo TT, a major improvement on the ordinary Hugo.
Nagra HD DAC + MPS, “one DAC to rule them all”?