What DAP for ARC?

What DAP would do a good job running ARC?

I like ARC interface on my iPhone 13, but SQ could be better.

Are you using a DAC and wired headphones? Also, set on “Original Quality”?

I’d like to keep it sweet and simple: no DAC, original quality, no DSP, etc

Yes, wired cans.

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I bought a FiiO KA1 DAC for about $60 on Amazon. Sounds great with Sony WH-1000XM3 noise cancelling headphones. This DAC does not need the camera adapter that my Cobalt needs.

This may not be exactly what you are looking for but I use an iFi xCan and use my phone (note 8) with wired JH Roxannes Custom In Ear Monitors. (So it’s wireless from my phone to the xCan and then wired to the Roxannes). The CIEMs act as ear plugs, too so I can use them in other loud environments. (Hockey games, Races, etc.)

A DAP is not really needed IMO, not to mention the cost of the DAP and the GUI for Roon is not optimized for the small screens DAPs usually have. YMMV

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Wait, are you saying that Fiio DACs can handle ARC no problem?

I use iFi Hip Dac 2 with my phone, but I would love a DAP with ARC

My FiiO KA 1 works great with iPhone 13 Pro Max. I can’t speak for any others.

Oh, I got confused. I am not interested in a DAC+iPhone; I want a DAP, a “one-box” ARC player.

I want that also, I was also confused

Fiio M11 Plus THX Sabre

I do not know if it would work with ARC, if we really like one we should ask the support team. Also I do not find the wifi info.

The FiiO KA1 wired to your cellphone is basically a “one-box” Roon ARC player. The DAC is hardly bigger than the wire to your headphones. I suppose a DAP would hold a lot more music than your phone if that’s your objective.

True… but I want to forget my phone home sometimes :slight_smile:
As for the SQ why not try

Sure, if it’s worth the price difference.

For the moment hip dac it did worth the price difference for me. With Sennheiser 569 the phone does not have power (the volume is low) and it runs out of battery. The dac adds SQ, power to a bigger headphone set and does not drain phones battery.

I thought you wanted a DAP, not a DAC.

I have the hip dac, over a year I think. it is big, heavy but ok for me.
And looks like a flask :slight_smile:

I’m going to bow out of this thread. Thanks.

I’ve been using a Dragonfly Red from Soundquest for years and if you’ve heard that difference you’ll never want to go back. There has also been a bigger brother named ‘Cobalt’ for a while.

New Roon user, new DAP user. I bought an M11 Plus and can confirm that it works with ARC. I’m running Roon on my Mac Mini server and have had zero problems using ARC with the M11.

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