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Good day Roon,

I am 75% the way through analysing my music library and I noticed, RoonServer has uploaded more than 70+GB of data to a server in North Charleston. What data are you grabbing that requires that much data to be uploaded?

Thank you for your time,

There is some chatter between RoonServer and Roon’s servers, but it shouldn’t be anyway near 70GB’s worth of traffic. Could you post a bit more info?

Your sure that’s up and not down? It will pull a lot of data when analysing library as It gets all the metadata and artwork but not seen it pushing much.

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Either way, 70GB still sounds excessive. if you assumed 500KB per image, for example, 70GB is 140,000 of them.

It does download more than one, but yes that seems a lot either way.

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By the time the library had finished analyzing the total upload was 93GB even for 80,000 tracks (1.5TB)

This is all I have that can illustrate the anomilly.

My core is installed on the Apple Studio base model using all 10 cores and it ripped through analysing my library starting around 8am this morning and finishing around 5:30pm this evening.

I think that’s more than enough. Here’s what I have, by way of comparison …

I was under the impression that audio analysis was performed locally but, looking at your data, maybe that’s not entirely the case. Hopefully @support will be able to shed some light on this when they take a look.

Thanks and thanks for sharing!

How big is your library? I notice that you didn’t give the number of tracks in your opening post. That number is shown on your Roon’s Home page.

He says a few posts up 80k

Ah - thanks - missed that.

Having done some further testing this morning it seems like this might be expected behaviour rather than an anomaly. I added a couple of new albums to my library and monitored the traffic to audioanalysis.roonlabs.net. On average, for each track that was analysed, around 1MB of data was uploaded. On that basis you would expect a total upload of around 80,000MB (i.e. 80GB) for 80,000 tracks … which is pretty close to your 93GB.

But I have to ask as to why it does this seems excessive

Yeah, I don’t understand it either. Hopefully support can shed some light on how the audio analysis process works.

Hi @Alex_Campbell. @DaveN,

One thing that could be a possible culprit is the file formatting. Files in your local content can be in multiple formats and any discrepancy in the file name and actual format could cause Roon to upload what it finds to analyze.


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Hi Wes,

Apologies for the late response.

Unfortunately I am going to have to accept your answer because I don’t know any better, I don’t know exactly what happens when the library is analysed but 93GB still feels like an unnecessary amount of data for Roon to upload before it is analysed.

I am glad my ISP does not cap my data allowance but I cannot help but feel there should be a warning before listeners start to analyse their library if its going to require large sums of data to be uploaded and as a result could get penalized.

Sorry, it just feels like a a lot and unnecessary!

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