What determines a Main Album?

What determines a Main Album? I have an artist with several bootleg albums and other unofficial releases. I would love the Main Album feature to recognize that these are not in fact main albums.

Is there a way to have Roon mark certain albums as non-main? Personally, I would love a Main Albums, Singles - EPs - Compilations, and Other sections.


That data is populated based on what our metadata sources (primarily AllMusic and MusicBrainz) tell us about the album.

First and foremost, if you have an album that is noted as unidentified on its album page, click the edit pencil, select “Identify Album”, and see if we have a match for it. Sometimes we do, but for some reason the match couldn’t be confirmed automatically.

If that doesn’t help, hang tight. We are working on a round of basic editing functionality, and this is one of the things on the list.

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