What determines what music files are added to the track listings?

Exactly what determines what music files will be listed on the track listings in roon?

I am not sure how a song gets placed in the “tracks” listing in Roon. It seems that some of my tracks that I have placed in playlists are in the tracks listing and some are not.

I usually do not add an album from Tidal to the Roon library but rather just directly add tracks from an album to my playlists and thus bypass the step of adding the albums to my library.

Does the album have to be in my library before its tracks show up in the track listing? If not, what determines whether or not a track is added to the track listing.

I deal only with albums in Roon and therefore assume that I will not obtain any track listings. However if I download individual files from a third party vendor, will these music files it go into track listings?

Also is there anyway I can bulk erase a group of track from the tracks listing that I do not want there anymore?

All tracks in the [library] are in tracks.

Chris, not necessarily. When I search for and pull up a Tidal album in Roon I sometimes select tracks and send them to a playlist without adding the album to my library. These tracks do not show up in roon tracks

That’s presumably because the Tracks list in Roon consists solely of the contents of the albums that you have added to your library. Seems to be working as designed from where I’m sitting.

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Clearly if you don’t add it to your library it cannot be a favourite there.

Are u distinguishing between favorites and tracks

I will add an album to my library then a fav track appears in tracks.

By doing this, you’re missing out on a number of Roon’s features @warren_kice.

When you add TIDAL music to your library, it helps Roon know more about the music you love. Once a TIDAL album is added to your library, Roon is going to notice connections with other albums in your library – maybe you “own” albums by two artists who collaborated, or maybe a musician or composer is features on 20 different albums in your collection.

These recommendations are based on your library and will show up on the Discover screen. The contents of your library also drive what you hear in Radio, what you see in the Composers, Artists, and Albums browser, what you’re able to use Focus on, what you’re able to set as a “favorite” and what you’re able to use Tags with, and so on. All of these features are built around your library, and Roon’s integration with TIDAL is designed to help you find new music to to add, so it feels like you’re building a collection.

It’s possible that none of this appeals to you, but you should be aware that much of Roon is built around this concept. If you’re just playing TIDAL content without building a library, you won’t really be able to use the features listed above, so I’d encourage you to think of it as a shopping spree :slight_smile: I sometimes listen to TIDAL albums without adding them, but if I like what I hear then I always make sure it becomes part of my library.

@mike, thanks for the tip. f
right now I am very much enjoying picking my own music. Based on years of experience in collecting music I pretty much know what I want. But I will keep your tip in mind and will play with it some.
The main reason I got Roon was to play tidal on my high end stereo at home without any loss of Tidal 's high sound quality. It is my understand that roon is the only service that can play the highest quality music from tidal (and apple music) I would like to have your comment on this.