What do I give up when using a low-spec core?

I am using a 2013 MacBook Air core i5 duo with 4gigs ram. Thought I’d give it ago. So, the mac has Roon 2 server only software and music files are on a Synology NAS DS200j non intel chipset.

Seems to be working fine, i don’t have a massive library around 500 albums and tidal. End points are airplay devices and Bluesound NODE.

Macbook is up 24/7.

What limitations are there apart from library size on this setup? I would have preferred the NAS solely but the model I have is non-compliant for the Roon sever install. Any comments great fully appreciated.



Types of DSP you can do. And number of simultaneous connections.

Thanks Daniel

I can can get a Synology DS 720 + any significant gains with that unit over what I have, or maybe a mac mini M1 as a dedicated server?
Thanks again


Personally, I wouldnt run Roon on a NAS. If the current PC works then stick with it for awhile.

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