What do lose if I use Roon instead of Sonos S1 app to play to Sonos speakers

I have some some Sonos One speakers in various rooms, and I use SonosS1 player (I haven’t updated player to S2 because a hardware incompatilbity with Sonos Bridge).

I notice I can also play to Sonos speakers using Roon and that works, but If I do this what do I lose ?

Does it still use Sonos Mesh network or not ?
What functionality of Sonos S1 do I lose by using Roon ?

You lose nothing. You can still use the S1 app. If you look into the S1 app, Roon is just another source.

If you use Roon to send music to the speakers that changes the source to Roon. That’s all.

Using Sonos through Roon has also the advantage, that you have the same GUI everywhere.

The basic network features of Sonos remain the same. They use their mesh network if they have to, they can use wireless. They can be connected with Ethernet. It is up to you.

It is just your decision, which GUI you prefer.

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You would loose the wider selection of streaming services that SONOS offer through their app. ROON only recognises Tidal and Qobuz streaming services. Not sure if that is important to you?

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Right good point, yes mostly play from own rips but we do a have a Spotify account that we also use with Sonos, so I would need to continue use S1 when using that, of course I could swap to Tidal but I get the impression its catalogue is smaller.

Hi Paul I used to be Sonos and Spotify user, though mostly I listened to my Local library.
You can continue to use the Sonos app to play Spotify or play to Sonos from the Spotify app, so you lose nothing.

I ended up subscribing to Tidal just to fill my library out so I got better recommendations from Roon.