What do the ticks (checkmarks) signify?

I’m currently testing Roon on the 14-day trial

The track lists often show a little grey tick (checkmark) immediately to the right of the purple “Play” button for the track. I see that you can Focus on tracks with ticks, but for the life of me I can’t discover what the ticks signify – can someone help me out?

Those are “popular / fav” type of tracks. Not sure what metic is used to decide this but guessing its based on the music service used to compile the data so to speak.

They are called Roons picks. They are the suggested tracks that stand out and often mentioned in the reviews.


Welcome to the forums Mark, I sincerely hope that you decide to stay with Roon after your 14 day trial expires.
Plenty of options to continue if you feel 14 days were not enough as well so no worries there.


Hi @Mark_Ware,

Just in case you’re not aware, check out the Roon Help Centre it’s a good resource for new and experienced users alike.



Indeed! Always something interesting to find there. Not necessarily to make Roon work, but to configure it to your liking :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the swift answers, much appreciated.

I’m definitely enjoying using Roon a lot so far, though perhaps fair to say I’m still on the fence regarding the value proposition. I think I’ll probably sign up on the monthly basis to start with, to see if it sticks, then opt for the yearly.

I’m currently running it on my laptop which I don’t see as practical for a long-term solution. The price of the Roon Nucleus seems too much for me, so I’m wondering about a NUC/ROCK option, though that looks a little scary!


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Nuc ROCk is way easier than you think. You can be up and running very quickly. You can also just buy a preassembled NUC and install it if that’s your thing. Once done it just works and can be left alone.

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Simon, thanks, that’s encouraging!

Since I wrote the previous msg, I came across a video by John Darko on YouTube* where he walks through the set-up of a NUC Rock from beginning to end – it really does seem to be little more than following a list of instructions, even if some of them seem a bit arcane. He also links to the exact products he uses in the video, which could eliminate one of my previous anxieties, i.e. how do you know which NUC to get out of the approximately 42 trillion variants that appear to be offered for sale?

* this one, if anyone else is interested: https://youtu.be/ZVm_tCoxqyg

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Hey Mark.
You’re not the only one to feel apprehensive about setting up an nuc/rock system ( I was! ), but as you say it really is just following some instructions. I thought I would get my usual “it’s not working” frustration and end up throwing it against the wall, but no, it was simple as anything and made me more confident in setting up new things including pi endpoints. Plus, there’s loads of lovely people on this forum to help you if you get stuck. Go for it!

Well, it’s been a while!

Just to close off the topic, a quick update:

  1. I first committed to an annual subscription, but continued to run the Core on my Macbook Pro, which was OK but for two problems: (a) having to leave the laptop on my desk plugged into ethernet was inconvenient if I wanted to use it elsewhere while listening to music, and (b) I discovered (by the usual trial and error when I upgraded my hub, at first unfairly blaming Roon/Qobuz) that Roon doesn’t like having its ethernet connected via certain USB hubs/adaptors ((affordable) Macbooks don’t have ethernet ports of course).

  2. So then I finally took the plunge and got myself a NUC ROCK set-up, and one day in, I’m a happy camper. I got the lower-level spec recommended by Roon, i.e. NUC10i3FNH. Set-up is a bit fiddly because the website instructions are written for an earlier version of the NUC and the menus for the BIOS setup have been reorganised, but it wasn’t too hard to track down where the various settings had been moved to. The longest part of the process was migrating the backup from my old core – this took over 4.5 hours with the ROCK accessing the backup from a Dropbox folder, and I’ve only got 1000 albums – goodness knows how long it takes for those with really large libraries!

Thanks again for your encouragement, even if it did take me 7 months to act on it!