What do you use on a SonicTransporter USB 3.0 connection?

I’m the proud owner of a Sonic Transporter i7 with 8GB RAM.
Everything works perfectly and thanks to the “Sonore Team.”
I use Roon and my music is on a QNAP NAS.
Sounds fine but if I have a SSD connected to the USB input on the front, it sounds slightly better, not much, but I like it.
So I decided that my music should move to a USB dock with 4 or 5 SSD drives.
Not all at once, too expensive.
I got this device in mind: http://www.icydock.de/goods.php?id=198
I have a similar device in use, but only for 2 SSD disks.
The question now is: What do you use on a SonicTransporter USB inputs on the front?

Unfortunately not. The sonicTransporter only supports 1 USB attached drive. You could try SSD in your QNAP and see if that helps or just use one large USB drive

A SSD in my NAS is not as good as in my new setup.
I have now 2 SSD (1 TB and 2TB) in a Sharkoon Dockstation via USB 3.0 to the SonicTransporter.
And I have ordered a new USB 3.0 cable from Oehlbach.
The improvement is incredible.
It is perfect for me, and I am very happy with this combination.
Can highly recommend it!!

When I add a USB stick in the ST it also works. so…??

You can use a USB memory card instead of a USB hard drive if you want.

You say: The sonicTransporter only supports 1 USB attached drive.
What do you mean by only one?
I can use a USB stick as a extra memory, together with the dockstation.
There are 4 inputs.

We only support one USB attached storage device. We do this for reliability.

Well, I only know that at the moment it works perfectly and fast.
I only use Roon Server on the STi7, so …
For now I leave it like this, it has never sounded so good.

Can anyone explain to me why there are several usb 2 and 3 ports on the ST i5, if you can connect only one HD ? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I did not find any explanation concerning these ports.

I was wondering the same thing… Might be because it using ‘standard’ components, and it simply is available by default. Doesn’t mean the software shouldn’t be able to pick it up though… It is a linux after all…

Hi Andrew, is this changing with Roon Server 1.3?

I read in another thread that 1.3 will be able to support multiple USB drive music libraries, in general.

We only support one USB attached storage device. We do this for reliability. This has nothing to do with Roon. This is a function of the sonicTransporter. You can attach other USB devices such as a USB backup drive or even a USB DAC.

We don’t recommend attaching a DAC as the audio quality would be the same as a PC or MAC and much lower then our microRendu or Sonicorbiter SE.

The sonicTransporter has multiple USB ports for all this plus future expansion.

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Thanks for the clarification Andrew. Can the HDMI port be used for Audio Output of the sonicTransporter?

No it can’t.

I updated my STi7.
Now I cannot use my second SSD of 300 euro anymore.
Thanks for this downgrade.
The use of only one USB is not mentioned when I bought it.
6 USB ports but I can only use one.
It worked perfectly and fast, I want to, but I do not understand it.

You can only attach one USB drive to the sonicTransporter.

Yes, after your “update”.
Before I had 2 SSD connected and it worked fine.
I am pleased with the SonicTransporter but this…

The sonicTransporter only supports one USB drive and always has. You may have been able to “force” a second one to mount but this would not survive a reboot and continue to work.



Andrew: I was so happy with the Sonicorbiter that I went ahead and ordered a microrendu. Should arrive soon.

Now, looking at the Sonictransporter to host the Roon Core instead of my PC, just the one without any HDD as already have a NAS.

Do I connect my NAS where the music is stored to the SOnictransporter via USB, or keep it connected to router as it is? or both?

How I install Roon Core to it, as it is headless? Then, how do I point it to my music folder?


Audiophile reality check.

In your first post you mentioned a small, not much improvement.
two posts later it is an incredible improvement.
A couple of posts later it’s the best sound you have ever heard

have you tried going back to to putting the ssd into the transporter, please do, just for reality check before the whole community starts falling over sonic transporter for not supporting a whole bunch of usb drives. Is it really worth the hassle?