What do you watch when not listening to music?

I’m currently watching season 11 of the Walking Dead. I don’t watch TV often, but when I do I binge watch a season or two.

What about you?

I do not have a TV, but my kids asked for Netflix and use that on laptops. Last time I watched IT crowd to be sure that is age appropriate from my point of view :slight_smile:

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Old movies, mainly.


No TV, and rarely watch anything anymore, but I did Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Mad Men and Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Never saw a single minute of Game of Thrones. Evidently, my life is incomplete.


If there is no music playing I’m probably watching the inside of my eyelids, though sometimes that does happen while listening to music too :rofl:


The Crown (S5). Earlier today - Andor (best Star Wars story so far, imho). It’s snowing now so maybe Golf Channel.

Turner Classic Movies, MSNBC, college and professional football (not soccer), college basketball.

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Wow, congrats. I’ve seen it and still my life is incomplete


While “Game of Thrones” is, I think, quite skippable, HBO also has “Treme”, and “The Wire”, both of which I’d recommend highly. Series like Treme or HBO’s “Watchmen” or Hulu’s “Fargo” (seasons 1 and 2, at least), are really more like long-format movies.


Haven’t watched that channel for a kind time. Last time was when I was working out in the UAE In 1997.

News, Jeopardy, NFL football.

(I’m done with the Yankees, for good)

Currently we are watching ‘Night of the Demon’ on the below UK freeview channel
Talking Pictures TV - An Archive Film & TV Channel
This film really scared me when I was a kid. A couple of years ago whilst rewatching I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the sample at the start of the Kate Bush song ‘Hounds of Love’ was taken from dialogue in this movie. “It’s in the tree’s”

Not that much as I’m unwilling to commit the time for the most part. I do watch Bake Off as it’s Mrs. Ds favourite. Added bonus, if I see any(every)thing that I like she’ll make it for me :slight_smile:

Will be watching the cricket T20 world cup final on Sunday morning as well.


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I believe this is the correct translation. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

“I’m learning about the ecology of the British while watching the red dwarf.”


I hope you’re right, otherwise who knows what I’ve just liked :wink:


Thanks for the translation.

Myself and Mrs Graveyard are avid watchers of fictional crime dramas, amongst many other TV genres. We’ve just finished watching the full 7 series of “Shetland”, having missed out on it previously.

I love a binge watch on my day off. Yesterday I watched the entire series of Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli’s new offering “Am I Being Unreasonable?”. Darkly funny.

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We just watched True Detective (all 3 seasons)… wow so good.


I’ve just started watching ‘The Watcher’. Only 5 mins in. Anyone else watched it? Worthwhile or not?