What does a heart do?


I’ trying to organise my favourites using hearts both in Roon and Tidal, but I’m getting confused as to exactly what clicking on a heart actual does. Can someone explain them?

Here’s what I think happens…

Clicking on a heart in Tidal…
Artist: Nothing
Album: All album tracks imported in to Roon
Track: Single track imported in to Roon

Clicking on a heart in Roon…
Marks Artist/Album/Track to allow filtering by clicking on the heart in the appropriate section.

It appears that artists and albums only appear in Roon if there is an associated track? Unlike Tidal, it is not possible to have a favourite artist or album without having at least one associated track.

And finally, a good way of adding new music and standing a chance of finding it again in Roon is to…

  1. Search Tidal from within Roon
  2. Add album/track to library
  3. Click on heart for artist/album/track
  4. Go to Artist/Album/Track menu and click on heart to browse marked items

Thanks for your help.

If I don’t know what to play, I go to Tracks, select Heart and then hit shuffle. An instant playlist of stuff I like.

Additionally, if you click the heart twice it will ban the track from being played.