What does "don't match" mean

Often with new classical releases I get this kind of warning and I don’t see what doesn’t match

What doesn’t match? My files seem to have good tags.
(I’m never 100% sure that things are in order but I click anyway :man_shrugging:)

That there exists a stub entry only for that album and it therefore is not possible for Roon to match and check the correctness of the track information (none available at all in this case).

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As @BlackJack notes in this particular case roon’s metadata suppliers are not yet providing any track-level meta-data at all.

However, a common case is where roon does have most of the track-level metadata but it doesn’t have any track-time data or the track timings breach some threshold that roon sets.

Most of the time I just accept these miss-matches because most of the time they do not matter. Sometimes though it does indicate a problem. It could be a bad rip. One or more tracks are truncated and this will cause a track timing mismatch. Sometimes there are different track orderings or even different tracks between releases and this will cause a track timing mismatch. Vinyl releases often have much different track timings to CD releases and this will cause a mismatch. A lot of the time I think what is happening is that at the metadata sources roon is using someone has copied the track timings of one release to another release and that is causing track timing mismatches.

Most of the time I just ignore these mismatches as there is a valid reason. However, I have noticed every now and then, usually when playing the album for the first time that the roon miss-matches were indicating a real problem with the rip which I then address as best I can after the event. Mostly I find it is release mismatches rather than a bad rip, although that has happened as well.


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