What does ^[[P message mean on Rock on NUC video output

What does ^[[P message on (Rock on NUC) video output mean?

" ^[[P "? I bet you hit a key on your keyboard that isn’t a letter/number.

Thanks Danny - not as far as I know - but maybe.


Thanks MJB It knows the IP address - Danny says false key?

Why would you leave a keyboard connected? in fact after install nothing else other than a DAC (and thats debatable) needs to be on the USB ports…Other than maybe a wifi dongle if you need one, and even thats not recommended.

It’s still in burn-in mode before being deployed. Then I will disconnect the keyboard.

It’s a computer it doesn’t need burning in. :roll_eyes:

Yes it does. Just not for audio purposes. Burn in should be done by any builder/manufacturer of electronics for reliability purposes.