What does Reset do in a playlist

I have few particular playlist defined that show up a button mid top, Reset
But, i cannot figure out what it does and how i can remove that Reset button also it is not showing on all playlist.

Roon Version 1.6 ( Build 416 ) stable 64bit


I don’t use playlists myself, but maybe if you’ve got part-way through listening and you’re several tracks in, pressing Reset takes you back to the beginning.

Thanks For Replying Mike
But my question is why not on all playlist its is only showing in 2 or 3 playlist.

Maybe it doesn’t show because you’ve listened to them all the way through to the end or haven’t listened to them at all yet? I’m just guessing really…

Hello Mike ,

Can you put us to your support team who is familiar with the playlist as i listen to all the playlist daily or is there any way to remove Rest button form the playlist.

reset clears any filters you have applied. It seems to also appear when there are missing tracks - and then won’t go away

@support - any ideas?

Hi @Sanjiv_Chona,

If you have any filters set on a playlist, this Reset option will appear.

Looking at the first two playlist examples, SC-Reference 2015 has a filter set (82 of 90 tracks showing) which is why Reset appears. A Billboard Top 20-Roon does not have a filter set, so Reset doesn’t appear here.


Yes, but it isn’t clear what the filter is. Pressing reset makes no difference - missing tracks remain missing, and the reset button is still there.

This problem has been noted before, but not resolved.

Hi @BrianW,

Generally, this should work in this way:

  • A filter is applied
  • Reset button appears
  • Clicking reset removes the filter and the button disappears

I just did this with some playlists and can confirm that it is working this way.

If there are other cases where this isn’t how things are working, can you show some examples? It would be good to know:

  • Where the playlist was made
  • If any filters are showing as applied
  • What tracks are missing
  • A screenshot of the playlist

Hi @dylan, I’ll try, but I dont think I can be very useful. Like you, I’ve tried afresh and everything works, but I have some old playlists that exhibit this behaviour and I really can’t remember what the missing tracks are! Anyway, here’s one

I’ve tried hiding/unhiding but no effect.
I don’t think it’s when tracks become unavailable in Tidal because I see a red unavailable note next to the track name when that happens.

Over to you.

Thanks for the screenshot, @BrianW.

Was this playlist created in Roon or imported from elsewhere?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings | Library | Clean Up Library?

Here we go…

Playlist is all my own work.


Thanks, @BrianW.

I’ve passed this along to the team for further investigation.

Thank you. I had a look at the logs in my amateurish way, but couldn’t see anything.

Hi Brian

But i am still not able to find any solution why RESET BUTTON is showing on my few playlist

Me neither

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