What does ticking the Favourite heart do?

Aplogies if this has been asked before but what does clicking the Favourite heart actually do? I get the concept of favourites but does it just populate a simple list or will it be used to weight an algorithm/machine learning now or in future?

Both. We use that data in several situations where we want results to lean towards stuff you like (radio, artist’s top tracks, etc).

I personally love the quick favorite focus item on the browsers. one tap to see all my favorites.

if you double tap favorite on an item, it bans it, which means it wont get auto played when you play it in a group. so if you hate those spoken elements in your albums, those 4 second long tracks… you can just ban them and when you play the whole album, it wont play those tracks. it never includes them in radio either.


Thanks for the confirmation and quick response.