What does "transport:device in use" mean and how do I correct it?

What does “transport:device in use” mean and why do i have frig around with all the settings hit/miss before i get music to play? am getting sick and tired of this don’t have problems like this with amarra for TIDAL or with Audirvana 2+(


Hi Robert,
I’m a user like you, not Roon Staff, and well remember feeling frustrated when Roon didn’t work straight away for me. Fortunately when I came to this forum other users were able to quickly assist in getting things going. That kind of mutual assistance is a continuing tradition here, I regard it as paying forward for the help given me.

There are also Roon staff who will look into the thread, this syntax - @support - will flag this thread so they see it ASAP. In the meantime you may find other users dropping in and trying to get things working for you.

My first thought with that message is that you have some other software running that has exclusive control of the device or hasn’t properly given up control of the device you are trying to send audio to. I’d suggest closing down all other audio programs, rebooting the computer and see if that helps. You might also click “Exclusive Mode” in the Settings/Audio setup cogwheel for that device. That will let Roon exclude other software from using the device.

If that doesnt solve things then it will assist Support to investigate if you can set out details of your hardware and software setup.

In relation to setting things up generally, the Roon Knowledge Base now has a User Guide section that can help avoid issues going forward.

Hopefully the above might get you hearing music, but if not then Support will be along shortly to investigate.

Edit: I saw this earlier post of yours which seems to be the same or a similar issue. Has your setup changed since then ?

Are you still using HQP ? If so, as Jussi mentioned, it wants to have exclusive control of the audio device.

Roon itself can share control with other audio programs (unless it is in Exclusive Mode), provided none of them demand exclusive control. It seems likely that another program you are running is insisting on taking exclusive control of the audio device.

Thanks for the reply
I use exclusive mode
I have no idea if HQP is actually doing anything.
Now weeks later everything SEEMS to be coordinated and working HQP/Gungnir/FULLA and with other players no more implying someone else is using/hogging a device=sorry I took so long for the reply bobbmd

I’ve seen this a few times. It seems to pop up after a Windows update - likely changing a setting or two back to it’s default. One thing that can cause this is if something in the background is running (like Cortana) and tying up your audio driver. Check to see if you are allowing background apps to run. To do this:*

Select ‘Settings’ from the Windows Start menu, select ‘Privacy’, then select ‘Background Apps’. From here switch ‘Off’ the apps that you do not believe you are using, or that you do not wish to run in the background when you are not using the program.

I switched them all off as I didn’t see anything necessary. I hope this helps!

@Holland_Wood: Thank you but I have a Mac mini not windows and the problem went away bobbmd