What Draws Me To, and What Drives Me From, YouTube

Due to my uncanny ability to predict markets, I am known for having said that ”YouTube is a wasteful use of bandwidth which no one will watch…and while I am at it…no one will use a search engine called Google when they can use AltaVista….you’ll see.”


Yeah. Early preview of the Lisa.
This mouse thing is useless.

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I got to review the Lisa for the company I was working for - to see whether we should purchase the things. That double-headed floppy was a thing of wonderment. Even then, Apple were building their walled garden.

Same here. We used Apple Ii and went to see.
We bought PC clones in the end as VisiCalc had more rows on the PC :slightly_smiling_face:

My eldest daughter would be tech-phobic if not for YouTube. She goes there to find out how to attach, fix, configure, expand things. She loves the process and is very proud. I just bought her four TPLink Mini Plugs and shall watch her go to YouTube and then be proud of what she accomplishes. (I have their plugs all over the home, all over the office, and operate them with voice).

Amazon offered me the option to receive their new robot. I would have eagerly pursued (I was an invite early adopter to Echo), but thanks to YouTube, I found the devices are not at a stage that I would enjoy.