What editing features are planned for 1.3?

Apologies if this has been covered earlier but here is my list of requests:
Ability to -

  1. change album covers - some are grossly incorrect
  2. remove the tags allocated by Roon - some are not only incorrect, but in some albums there are far too many. I would be happy to be able to eliminate all tags Roon has installed and only use my own
  3. delete duplicated albums [Roon has been great in this respect by discovering quite a few but I would much prefer deleting via roon than via Windows]
  4. collate albums - some are already done by Roon but maybe only 2 of the 3 in an opera set are currently together and to edit in the third is very desirable. Others could also benefit with collating.
  5. edit tracks to install composer info when it is currently omitted & also install headers for concertos where currently only movements are listed with no information about the actual work [The fact there are so many currently like this in my library is a disappointment and in this regard is, no advance on Sooloos]

As posted elsewhere I would like to see the ability to play random tracks within say, a tag, or artist, or … That would be very useful for me.

Appreciating that managing classical albums is a monstrous PIA, can I echo suggestions made here and elsewhere that a structure be set up to pool our editing efforts and so massage the database and minimise repetition of work. Something along the lines of Wiki. Is that possible? Maybe a separate Roon board where we can post up our effort on an album, let it lie there for say a month (or longer) to be voted for or against and after that time be incorporated or not into the Roon metadata?

I hope that Roon will eventually mature to be the best system available so I’m still supportive but am finding more and more inaccuracies, most of which were edited out of Sooloos but have been reintroduced with Roon. Originally enthusiastic to sell Sooloos I’m currently rethinking that!!

Some is certainly possible today.

  1. Replace album cover: edit fields
  2. Remove tags, I don’t know
  3. Delete duplicated albums (or any other album) is certainly possible, Edit and scroll down.
  4. Collating albums: multiple select and Edit handles most cases, although the user interface is a bit inscrutable.

Play random within an artist, or tag, or genre, or any other selection: sure, Play Artist or Play All does that. Since Focus supports storage location, or Format, or Unidentified, and combinations of those, you can do random play on quite arcane selections.

Editing metadata is limited, that’s a major 1.3 enhancement.

Hi John,

This KB Page will help you edit album covers and genre tags, hide duplicates and merge sets; all of which can be currently done in Roon.

Further metadata editing is coming with 1.3.

This KB page sets out details about playing artists, composers and genres (which are shuffled). You can also Focus on a tag, turn on Shuffle and Play All.

Thanks Anders & Andy. I’ll eventually get there!!!

Just a note with album editing. Roon will automatically find and use any jpg in the same directory as the music files named “folder”.

Only two albums found so far with grossly inaccurate album covers.

The opera “Peter Grimes” showed the cover for Aida. Editing did not offer the correct cover but eventually a lo rez cover was allocated but detailed info/links disappeared.

The second incorrect cover found so far was the American String Quartet album of two Dvorak string quartets. So in edit mode I chose the Apex album despite odd warnings about track mismatching (which were not really mismatches) and lo and behold, the correct album cover as was used in Sooloos appeared, not the Apex one!!! All links were retained.

The random play is random album selection, not random track selection is it not? What I’m wanting. as previously posted, is random track selection as an option. Is that possible to incorporate in 1.3?

If ever an album cover can’t be found, you can search for it on the Internet, save it as “folder.jpg” to the music folder, rescan the album and Roon will use it.

Play Genre, Artist or Composer is random track selection. If you have a selection of albums that you want to play randomly, turn on Shuffle on the Queue screen.

A couple more oddities struck in this collection-

  1. Only 3 of a 4 set opera together. Maybe the 4th is buried somewhere else and will be found later. This is not the first time this has happened. A collated set from Sooloos, same artist and album names, broken up by Roon with the albums scattered around.

  2. A symphony of Bruckner is incorrectly shown as by Faure. Attempts at editing, rescanning etc cannot change this. Odd because it is deemed as “unidentified” so why does Roon insist with this incorrect identification? I guess this might be able to be corrected in the editing functions to come out in 1.3??

Correction. the missing opera CD is missing altogether so not Roon’s fault. However it has broken up other sets like this.

In the “Manage Tags” can we please have the option to change or delete the tags as inserted by Roon? Some are grossly incorrect e.g.- a CD of Ravel’s Daphne & Chloe is designated as “Classic Rock”.
Personally I would be happy to have no tags by Roon and only have my own so that might be an easier option - Show Roon tags or not.
And I must harp on again with a request for the option to random/shuffle tracks from a selected tag (or Artist, or …).
Please do not interpret this as a nasty criticism of Roon. It is a suggestion which I feel would improve its flexibility of use with the huge library here. Sooloos is now shut down so I look forward to Roon to exceed in all aspects what Sooloos did (after hundreds of hours of grooming).

I have a “Folder.jpg” in every CD folder AND that same jpg embedded in each .FLAC file. In several cases, Roon bypasses my cover art and selects something else.

Just verified this… I have the Disney Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and the original cover art on my server. Roon is displaying the “special edition” cover, NOT my Folder.jpg image or the embedded jpg in the .FLAC files.I found 4 albums in the first 50 that have this problem. Same is true for Blue Man Group, Breathe - All That Jazz, Cher - Heart of Stone, Def Leppard - Hysteria.

Actually, after looking over these on my computer, Roon seems to always be pulling album art off the internet. While several of the images are correct, they are not nearly the quality of the images I have stored on my server. For example, “The Legendary Bobby Darin” image Roon displays is an awful quality. The one I have is much clearer with higher contrast and color depth.

Under Settings -> Setup -> Memory for Photos/Artwork, I have 256MB selected.

Select all your albums. Select edit, Under metadata preferences go to artwork and select prefer file.

Woohoo! Thanks!

I wish they had a global setting for that. Seems silly to have to edit each album as I add them though.

Global setting is available in 1.3! Settings > Library > Import Settings, then under “Metadata preference for albums” choose Prefer File for artwork. We also pick up images and PDFs stored with your audio files: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Gallery

AWESOME! Roon just keeps getting better and better!

More than that - it seems to find liner note PDFs for CD rips as well.
At least I think so, not quite sure which 16/44 albums are actual rips vs. HDTracks downloads…