What happend to picks?

Did I miss something somewhere? I no longer see tracks tagged as picks on albums any more. Did this get scrapped or is it a bug. I can select in focus by picks but when I look at the albums I don’t see these tracks marked anymore. This is on Android on any album. Gone through all the settings I can think of but can’t get them to show. I have had a few glasses of Vino but still I am not this dumb. I know I can use the tick.in focus to just show them but each track used to have a tick, this isn’t the case anymore.

I was looking at some picks today, so definitely still a feature on a Mac client.

Have you rebooted the server?

Was it ever a thing on mobile devices? I can’t see them on my iPhone, but can’t remember if they used to be there. I’m guessing that they’re not there because they don’t fit, but perhaps they were displayed in the past. Hopefully someone can confirm.

Not for a while. I’ll check on my windows remote first to see if they show up there

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I only see them on albums, not tracks
But I used a focus with picks this morning

They’re definitely there on a Mac client:

But not on the phone.

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I’m looking at albums. This album has 4 picks but no ticks.

On the desktop client, a tick identifies each pick, but on mobile you must click on the tick next to Focus to filter.

Since when ?

That’s what I’ve just been saying. The ticks are probably there on the desktop client, but not on a phone.

Another Room oddity. So much for parity. Im sure they use to show on mobile.

There is plenty of room to display them on mobile though, loads of black space. I rarely use mobile so wouldn’t miss them.

In fairness, you couldn’t fit everything in without it looking overly cramped, but I agree, it’s not consistent. The thing I find most annoying is that the bookmark tab is hidden in the hamburger menu on the phone.

Hmmm, they show on my iPad.

I pretty much use mobile 99% dont have a tablet and cant always get the laptop.

I think it’s been like this since 1.8, so for quite a while now.

PS. I’ll check my iPad, but don’t use that much these days, to see if that’s different.

Hmm, I guess you only miss it when you want it.

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Yes on ipad. Plenty of black space on mobile, why not use it?

iPad is pretty much same as Desktop for display. Does it show iPhone ? I’m Android so be good to know if it’s just mobile or an Android oddity.

Just checked my iPad and the picks are on there, so it’s dependent on screen size.