What happened to all features when using FOCUS?

With most recent Roon update:
FOCUS is not so easy to access BUT more importantly missing are features which were previously present:
Genres with colored pie chart
Historical chart of new music added
Format selector with check boxes. Ie. DSD-DSF-MUltiChannel-resolution choices

a screenshot would be good as all of things are still in focus on my system.

Everything is still there for me. However, Focus is different depending on which base screen you are calling it from.





I just snipped these. If you are seeing something different then please post a screen shot.


Well you learn something new…

Hi @Jeffrey_Kenton,

Are you using the latest build of Roon (build 571)? You can check this in Roon Settings -> About.

If you are still seeing the same issue after updating to the latest build of Roon, can you please share a screenshot?

With latest build it was moved. Used to be Overview > View All.
I spent a lot of time searching.
Thanks to All for your help!

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