What happened to Dynamic Range Showing with Tracks?

Roon Core Machineo (Model, CPU, RAM) β†’

Roon Nucleus, Dell Desktop, Windows 11, 16Gig

Networking Gear & Setup Details

T-Mobile Wifi, Google Nest

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

18K+ tracks, 192k/24 & DSD128

Description of Issue

Dynamic Range of Tracks no longer shows on each track that plays.

Local tracks, or streamed from Tidal or Qobuz ? Non local tracks are not analyzed like local ones, and this may explain why you miss details about dynamic range.

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I just played a track from Qobuz and no dynamic range listed under the track. My settings show dynamic range should be showing.

Just as Andre explained above, non-local tracks (Qobuz and Tidal) don’t show dynamic range. Only the ones in your own library and saved on your hard-drive will show dynamic range.


Roon cannot analyse streaming files as they are protected. Only files you have on your local library hard drive can be analysed.

I have 18K tracks in my local library and playing them was when I noticed dynamic range had stopped showing.

Somebody recently reported the issue with local files and rebooting everything fixed it

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