What happened to my extensions?

Roon core is on i-7 server. Just installed Khazul’s harmony hub extension on one of my rpi3s, which is also a Roon endpoint. Was just beginning to work with settings for the extension on another PC and went back out to the main overview page of Roon. Then came back to extensions, and they are gone. But the information page shows them there. What am I doing wrong? See screenshots.

Update: the rpi3 running the extension has crashed. I assume that’s why the extension isn’t running. I reboot the rpi3 and it appears in Roon for a moment, and then disappears. Is it possible that the extension install could corrupt the Roon bridge running on the same rpi3? Thanks. JCR

The extension authorization shows extensions that have been authorized (enabled) regardless of whether they are actually running. If an extension is running, then it will appear in the settings page.

Which R-PI 3 (B, B+?) and any Hats, Displays etc?
What OS install and version is running on the R-PI?
Are you running Deep Harmony as a docker image or did you deploy just the console app version? If docker, then which version of docker?
Same with the alarm clock as well? I guess that is running on a node install?

What happens if you disable one extension or the other?

As both extensions are disappearing then I assume something more serious is going wrong with the R-PI.

Deep Harmony even when directly installed as a console app is very self contained being compiled and makes no system changes whatsoever (the same is true regardless of which platform version). I do run it on my two R-PI 3B+ (Both currently have Rasbian on and Roon bridge on them). The arm docker image is Debian 9.5 slim based.

Edit: @support - this may be resolved, see Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony

It is, as noted on that link!

And now, I am trying to understand what I can do with the extension. I don’t use Harmony or Roku physical remotes, but only the Harmony app to control my five Hubs. Can I Alexa voice control the Hubs with the extension, much as I already do on a more limited basis? JCR

The extension doesn’t change interaction between Alexa and Harmony, so what worked before should still work. I use Alexa as well, though mostly just to switch things on/off, so I must admit I havnt tried that much via the two Alexa harmony skills, mainly because eventually I plan to add direct Alexa support into Deep Harmony (and therefore Roon), but that is a long way off.

As for Roku, Deep Harmony includes an emulation of a Roku based TV as a means to allow control of the extension (and therefore Roon) from the Harmony remote.

I would suggest a read through of the Deep Harmony ReadMe file (click on the Deep Harmony web link in settings) if you havnt already done so as this explains a lot including remote setup.

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